Saturday, 23 September 2017

September Goals

September Goals - I'd started writing this post at the beginning of September - when I'd read a few similar sort of posts. There's something about September being the start of something - of course it's the start of the academic year - however I feel even if you're not a teacher or still at school it is a good time (as any) to have a few goals.

As usual the past few weeks have flown by and so I'm only just getting around to publishing this post but the goals are still relevant and I'm still working on them. However doesn't this just show me that I should be a little more organised with my blog and plan!

Without further a do lets look at my September goals:

Keep The Boys’ 30th Birthday trip a surprise. So the Husband turns 30 on Monday.  To celebrate I've booked us a 3 night break somewhere in Europe. It’s a complete surprise to him currently, well at least I think it is..I can’t wait. I’ve wrapped a little guide book (yes i’m a tourist)! and will give it to him on the morning of his birthday, which is 4 days before we travel.

More steps. I've been tracking my steps a little more, just by using the health app on my iPhone. I'm really trying to exceed the suggested 10,000 steps that we should take. I've walked some of the way to work, I've walked to meet friends, I've walked rather than taking the bus 5 stops. And also I've been listening to music whilst I was. It's been making me feel super happy too.

And More miles. 
As part of upping my steps I'm trying to up my number of runs. Running has taken a back step over the Summer, mainly due to not being 'in training' for something. So I suppose I better book myself a race or two. I've still been doing plenty of running and HIIT at bootcamp, so I'm not feeling too guilty. But I want to get back into running.

Book some travel 
I'd like to book a trip or two, as we've got nothing planned after the Surprise trip for the Boys 30th. I have to say I booked that just after we got back from Sri Lanka. (Does anyone else start looking at flights almost as soon as they've landed)?! This week I found out I've got a few days off in October, so we are considering a trip to Norway, as it's up there on my list. I love planning trips - reading blog posts and making itineraries for our trips.

Become an interior designer.. or not.

We've got a little project on the go at the moment, which I'm throughly enjoying. We've gutted a property and are now in the process of decorating it and making it pretty - the fun part. I've been trawling the internet, primarily Pinterest for design ideas. Some of our art work came from Desenio which is a site I would recommend.You can get lots of different prints and images from Desenio, but the Scandinavian theme shines through, a look that we're going for. They sell the frames as well, which is perfect. I've also got a little thing for succulents at the moment. I keep buying them!

Embracing Autumn - or at least trying to. 🍂

A few weeks ago I was struggling with the slightly darker evenings - it was getting dark during my bootcamp sessions, which I find is just a sign Winter is coming. However I'm now trying to happily embrace Autumn and actually... if October could be like this though - I'll be super happy. Come & follow me on Instagram.

Getting Hygee 

You must have come across Hygee, and now I see there's books on Lykke and Lagom - other Danish Concepts. It seems we've got rather a lot to learn from the Danish... 
With Autumn/Winter on the way I need to embrace the art of Hygee which I think will warm me from inside. I love nothing better than cosying up on the sofa under a blanket with a cup of tea, candles lit. Maybe I am looking forward to Autumn after all. 

Reading Challenge 

I'm still doing my reading challenge via Goodreads, I'm hoping to read 10 books within 2017 - I know that's nothing in comparison to some people, but I'm not great at reading. Unfortunately I get distracted by other things.. 

I'm currently reading The Danish Way of Parenting: What the Happiest People in the World Know About Raising Confident, Capable Kids - which is great. Can you see a theme going on here? Perhaps I was Danish in a previous life!! 

One thing I need to do is head to a coffee shop with only a book. Leaving my phone at home!! This will allow me to just read and forget other distractions. I'm terrible for picking up my phone if it's there, perhaps when I'm reading at home I should leave my phone in another room. 

Happy September Guys!

Sarah x 



  1. I need to do a post like this! 😁

    1. I do like these sorts of posts.. that and life lately, which I’ve also got in the pipeline. And I’ve already started writing my #TravelLinkUp post for October. Yay! (Can you tell I had a very productive weeekend)?!

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  3. Exciting! Simon turns 40 in December and i've booked him a surprise trip to Dublin .. I'm amazed he doesn't know yet cos I think I've told EVERYONE!!!!

    1. Amazing!! I love doing things like this - it’s so exciting that you want to tell everyone. Well let’s hope he doesn’t read my blog comments ;-)

  4. Have fun with the birthday surprise!

    1. Thanks Angie! The secrets out, we’re going to Lisbon and we can’t wait!


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