Friday, 11 August 2017

Coffee | The Eclectic Collection, Earlsfield

I’ve been meaning to write a post about the Eclectic Collection basically since it opened back in May. 
You’ll find The Eclectic Collection at 575 Garratt Lane, next door to what was Mel’s (now Hallowed Belly). Stepping inside you’ll find a beautiful coffee and tea establishment also serving food such a lovely brunches. They class themselves as an Exquisite Coffee and Rare Tea Company - and that they've certainly achieved.

The Eclectic Collection has nearly been open for about 3 months now and it’s certainly made it’s place in Earlsfield. You may not think there was an opening for another coffee shop on Garratt Lane but in fact this place is different - yes it serves coffee and brunch like many of the other establishments but it’s got a different vibe. 

The EC itself.

The Eclectic Collection is just that - there’s a really intriguing collection of objects inside from royal looking artefacts, to beautiful succulents. There’s a real modern twist going on with lots of beautiful furniture. Spread over 3 rooms and the garden you're bound to find your favourite room. 

I can’t quite believe how quickly this place has become our favourite coffee shop. We now frequent it often, and to be honest I’ll let the photos do the talking.

The Coffee 

The coffee machine is out of this word, Victoria Arduino Black Eagle 3 Group, I’ve heard there are very few machines like this in the UK and boy does it create a wonderful flat white. The coffee is from The Barn and Square Mile - both London Roasters. A flat white comes in at £2.70.

The Tea 

There is a great selection of teas. In fact I counted around 40 different varieties. Whether you like a single estate Earl Grey, herbal tea, fruit tea or white tea. Theres something for everyone. 

The Food

The food menu is lovely, as we visit The EC often we've tried most of their dishes... and I chose the Poached eggs with avocado - who can say no to avocado as an additional extra. The presentation of food is great - there’s those fancy smears on the plate, and everything is placed in a particular way. you just know a great deal of care and attention has gone into creating each dish. There is practically always a special on the menu, which is always very tempting. The prices are also very reasonable.

I’d really recommend the Banana Bread & Earl Grey Butter. It just melts in the mouth. Oh and the pancakes. And any of the specials..

Ramtin and his team have nailed it with this place. It’s a quirky, lovely place to relax over brunch and/or coffee. The service is great - attentive and professional. They also serve cocktails in the evening, oh and they serve Pinkster Gin, which is lovely. The Eclectic Collection also serve 5 course tasting meals on selected Friday & Saturday evenings.

Find the Eclectic Collection's website here. And be sure to follow them on Instagram. I've heard the daily brunch menu is being extended, if not doubled.
And as I've got the day off.. guess where we're heading..? 

Until next time. SARAH X 

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