Saturday, 15 July 2017

Feeling | Grateful

I was a little late in realising that yesterday (Friday) was The Happiest Day of the Year. According to scientific studies, more here. July 14th this year was the happiest day for a few reasons - the start of the summer holidays, it's peak summer.. (although looking out of the window currently I wouldn't necessarily agree with that), and of course Summer brings more opportunities to be outside with family and friends - perhaps sharing picnics or BBQ's.

I would say I'm rather a positive person, but I know we all have our struggles and it's not always easy to be happy all the time.

Today I thought I'd write about 5 things that have recently made me grateful recently:

Trip to Devon
Last weekend I went to Devon with one of my closest friends and The Boy, now I should probably start calling him (The) Husband but that sounds a little too formal in a blogpost, so I think he'll remain The Boy. Anyway I digress - we had a lovely weekend relaxing in North Devon. We enjoyed pub lunches, a BBQ and my very first Surf Lesson! I'm not sure I'll ever become a pro surfer but it was great fun to try and stand up on the board - although very difficult. I think this is the closest I'll ever get to surfing!! I have to say it was quite an adrenaline rush and I did enjoy being carried along by the waves - despite finding it all rather exhausting.

Swishing around in my wedding dress
On our way back from Devon we picked up my Wedding Dress which I still need to take to be dry cleaning, nearly 3 months later! Eeeek. I could not resit the temptation to put it back on and swish around the house in it one more time.

Random boxes of Chocolates 
When you're presented with a box of delcious chocolates for helping somebody out for an hour. Isn't it lovely to be so appreciated? If you haven't tried these Lindt Creation Desserts chocolates.. oh my goodness, you're missing out.

Quiet Saturday Mornings with The Boy

I love nothing more than a Saturday morning pottering at home, flicking through twitter / Instagram in bed and generally taking the morning slowly. We then usually head out to a favourite coffee shop and enjoy a few flat whites and possibly brunch.

Reasons to be grateful

This is going to sound really soppy, but I've lots of reasons to be happy - looking after 3 fun children is a huge part of that, I'm very lucky to be in a job that I love. I owe all of this to one very special lady - my Grandma. I really wouldn't be where I am without her.

So without turning this into a sad soppy post - I want to say be happy, be grateful. And if you can't - talk about it. Life can be hard, even at the best of times. If you're struggling, please, talk!

Sarah x



  1. This is simply so lovely to hear Sarah!

  2. I STILL haven't got my wedding dress dry cleaned and it's been 10 months (ooops!) - I also haven't had a swish round the house in it yet which I really do need to do because that sounds like so much fun!


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