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Travel | 10 reasons why you need to visit Sri Lanka

Back in March we travelled to Sri Lanka for our Honeymoon  I lay on the sunbed writing a few points for blogposts - with the intentions to post pretty soon after our return. However time has just been flying, so please excuse the delay. Here are my 10 reasons why you need to visit Sri Lanka - because I think it's possibly underestimated. People may not understand why they should visit Sri Lanka, they may choose Thailand or perhaps Bali over it. But here's why I love Sri Lanka. And why you should visit..

1. The Culture - there's a lot of culture to see in Sri Lanka. In fact we visited 5 of Sri Lanka's 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We visited lots of temples and learnt about the history of this fascinating country. (Below the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy).
2. The tea. Ceylon & Tea. Two words which just go together really. We drank plenty of Ceylon tea during our stay. We also visited a tea factory which was really interesting. We drove through the winding roads of tea country, as well as riding through tea plantations on the train, (more on that later..). If you're even a tiny bit interested in tea this really could be the country for you.

3. The elephants. And other wildlife. We came to see elephants and Sri Lanka delivered. Spectacularly. We were lucky enough to do two safaris during our time in Sri Lanka and enjoyed seeing the elephants in the wild. We would recommend the Safari at Minneriya National Park. 

4. The trains and beautiful train rides. I found myself turning into rather a trainspotter - the vivid blue train that carries hundreds of people, (mainly tourists) between Nurawa Eliya and Ella is something else.  After arriving in Ella we wandered along the train tracks, through tunnels and across 9 arch bridge which is an attraction in itself. (Below: aforementioned train ride - said to be one of the most scenic train rides in the world)
5. The People. The people in Sri Lanka are truly lovely - we came across friendly, accommodating people wherever we went, but in particular was our lovely driver Asanka, who is genuinely one of the nicest men we've ever met. He really couldn't have done anything else to make our honeymoon anymore special. Please do get in touch with me if you'd like a personal recommendation for a driver in Sri Lanka.

6. The Palm Trees. How could you say no to lying in a hammock hung between palm trees? There must be millions of palm trees in Sri Lanka, and boy do they make a good photo.

7. The Landscape. Sri Lanka has a fast array of landscape - beautiful beaches, wonderful mountains and lakes and rivers. We really did get a chance to explore them all. Here I am looking across from Little Adam's Peak to Ella Rock. That view!
8. The Colour. Everywhere you look there's colour - saris, leyland trucks wonderfully lit, shops filled with colourful items. You'll also find colourful additional in the temples, at shrines and of course prayer flags. Sri Lanka is a colourful country. 

9. Coconuts - drinking fresh coconut water is surely the way to enrich every aspect of life. No? I must say I became quite partial to ordering a King Coconut. 

10. Wanderlust. We do love exploring new countries and Sri Lanka satisfied our need for culture and adventure on our honeymoon. Lying on a beach for 2.5 weeks wouldn't have been our ideal honeymoon, but our Sri Lankan adventures fulfilled our Wanderlust. 

Have you visited Sri Lanka? Is it on your list?

Until next time. X

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