Thursday, 8 June 2017

Life | A little update..

\\.. Life lately.. // 

I've been... 

thinking about those blogposts I've drafted. The ones I've written in my head. Time just seems to be of the essence at the moment, I'm finding myself super busy. Blogging has once again taken a back seat. It saddens me every time. 

feeling grateful for lovely weekends with friends. 

using Mapstr to log new places to go and places I have been. Fabrique & Bronte. And those wonderful macaroon ice-creams!

wearing flower crowns - I feel they should be an acceptable everyday accessory, as just the idea of a flower crown puts a smile on my face.

training for the Vitality 10,000 which I ran at the end of May - since running has taken a back seat whilst I relax a little.

feeling a little detached from the world of blogging. I don't mean to - but I find the weekday evenings fly by. I often find I don't even get chance to check Twitter or Instagram the way I used to - oh for the weekends! 

eating cake at Cutter & Squidge. I thought it was healthy cake.. it turns out I was a little wrong, but I guess it's as healthy as cake will get! Passionfruit & pistachio cake - as yummy as it sounds.

dreaming of Summer. I get far too excited when the sun comes out, don't we all? Then I start dreaming about the Summer wardrobe I'd like to have. But then I realise this Summer lark isn't quite the reality I'd hope for. 

watching 13 Reasons Why. I'm actually really terrible at concentrating and become distracted by everything else before turning the tv on, meaning we've only watched the first 2 episodes. 

voting, of course today was Election Day. Something I don't really feel the need to discuss on social media, but something I feel everyone should do.

drinking coffee from my new favourite Coffee Shop - The Eclectic Collection which I will write about soon.

reading Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. I'm terrible at finding the time to read, but I've really got into this book and I hear the TV series 'Big Little Lies' is worth watching. But I will finish the book first. 

feeling desperately sorry for London. I love our city and hate what is happening in it at the moment. I couldn't help but snap this photo at the weekend. Some wise words.

scheduling my next posts. It's the only way. I'm on a bit of a roll this evening..

Until next time. X


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