Monday, 2 January 2017

Round Up | 2016 in numbers

2016 has been a good year. I spotted a little round up in numbers from Polly at Follow my Sunshine and thought it was a lovely way to look back at the last year. Polly is a new host of the #TravelLinkUp which I love taking part in.. more on that later..!

I'm slightly late in posting this I have to say. I meant to do more blogging of the festive season, but instead I relaxed, spent time with family and read. 

So without further a do - here's a little round up of 2016 for me. I have to say this post is rather travel heavy.

1 - number of wedding dresses ordered. 
2017 is the year I get to wear said dress!

1 - number of new piercings. 
Helix - that's the top of the ear. Something I didn't think I was brave enough to do.

1 - One new love of sparkly things. 
Some lovely pretty presents.

2 - number of blogs.
This one and pocketnannies.

3 - number of Afternoon Tea's.
Sketch & Ting at the Shard, oh and the Ham Yard Hotel, which I forgot to blog about but really really recommend. I feel like it used to all be about Afternoon Tea - and now it's more about brunching in London. I do however sincerely hope this hasn't affected the Afternoon Tea industry. I'll be back for more in 2017!

4 - number of Travel Link ups I've participated in. 
I have to say these are often my favourite type of posts. See March'sAugust's, November's,and December's. Thanks for having me guys. :)

4 - number of new countries visited. 
Abu Dhabi (UAE), Iceland, Greece & Stockholm. I do have this habit of returning to places more than once! Copenhagen is just one example.

6 - number of months I've been going to Bootcamp.
Surely this must mean I am at my fittest.

7.25 - largest amount of kms ran in one go. 
It usually sits at 5k. Something I'm looking to get up to 10 in 2017. 

9 - number of books I read. 

Pretty good for me, although my goal was 10.

11 - number of draft posts waiting to be worked on!

14 - number of planes boarded. 
We don't mind not flying direct to places although that did resort in 2 pieces of missing luggage! Pretty good going after all those flights we've taken over the years.

15 - number of tea or coffee photos on Instagram.

26 - Blogposts published. 
Damn - I would have liked that to be a lot more. Take a look back at 11 - that doesn't help does it. Oh and 2! I'm a busy girl..

28 - the age I turned in December.
I'm now busy writing my 30 before 30 list.

57 - number of selfies taken.
I'm just not that kind of girl. However I do love these. And do feel I've become more confident in my own skin over the past year. But please don't expect 2017 to be the year of the selfie for me! I didn't used to really post photos of me on the blog.. but why the hell not. 

72 - photos posted on Instagram. 
You can follow me here. Some of my favourites were captured in my 'best 9 of 2016'.

I've lost count of - the amount of times we've visited our favourite little coffee shop.
More here.

365+ countless cups of tea /coffee drank this year.

2,737 likes on Instagram 

Happy New Year!
Coming soon - My wishes for 2017.


  1. Happy happy New Year! Can't wait to see what comes in 2017!!

  2. Thank you Emma, Happy New Year to you too.
    It's going to be an exciting year!!

  3. What a lovely idea, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

    Here's to the new year and all it will bring!



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