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Travel Link Up | The Festive Season

Christmas is a funny old time isn't it, really? The reason I come to write this is because of the travel link up. A monthly occurrence - where bloggers write about the same topic. This time it's the festive season.. Do you love it, hate it, put up with it, find yourself doing something unusual, adhere to traditions so strictly that no-one dares suggest something new?... anything goes.

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Here is my rambling about Christmas. My honest thoughts about Christmas. Let start at the beginning. I can't quite cope with Christmas starting in Mid November - call me a Scrooge if you will. But I will explain- my birthday is on the 12th of December - I want to have a chance to celebrate my birthday and leave the cards up for a little while without them being drowned out by Christmas. I need a little time. A December birthday isn't always ideal (it's an expensive month anyway, people are often ill and you quite often have to put down a deposit to do anything in December. But this year I'm going to do things differently. I've booked an afternoon tea to celebrate with close friends. I'm not going to let it pass me by without celebrating. I'm going to be positive about becoming another year older. And thankful that I arrived 2 weeks early and not on Boxing Day. 

Christmas is all about family I feel - traditions that were created for you as a child. I come from a very small family, so perhaps that's why Christmas has always been low key for me. Let me tell you about our little traditions. I had an advent calendar, but not a chocolate one until I was a little bit older. Definitely not one of these Playmobil ones that costs an arm and a leg! We put the Christmas tree up a week or so before Christmas (definitely not earlier - it goes back to that birthday thing)! As a child I had a small stocking which I was allowed to open in the morning and then we opened our presents in the afternoon after our Christmas lunch. I like it that way; it's not all over quite so quickly, and we learn the true meaning of Christmas. Let's face it whether you're religious or not it's not all about the presents.

Christmas is about giving - I love giving. I enjoy choosing presents (in particular for the children) I enjoy wrapping presents and making them look pretty. And I enjoy the physical giving of them. The joy that hopefully spreads across the recipients face. 

What I'm not so good at is knowing what I want.. when people ask- I find it hard. I don't really want or need anything. Yes a new hairdryer would be nice - better for my hair and quicker to use. But do I need it? NoIt got me thinking - I spotted a bag of advent calendars in the local food bank. And I decided I would give in that way as well this Christmas - the next time I go to do a grocery shop I will give items to the food bank so that a local family can enjoy the festive time just that little bit more.

Christmas becomes almost like a competition who has got the most presents, who spent the most etc. etc. And I hate it. So this year I will give a little more - to those in need. The Boy has been buying a hot drink each monring for someone on the streets over the past week, that's what this time of year is about I think: giving to those less fortunate than ourselves. So whilst I've bought presents for family and friends I'm going steady this year - I'm not going overboard. Not being ridiculous and I'm thinking of others.

I promise I'm not a Scrooge. I have had mince pies on the two previous Sundays to this post - Yes that's right - in November! But now it's actually December I can begin to think about the festive season properly. Update, yesterday, Saturday 3th December - I bought our first Christmas Decoration of 2016. I'm allowed to now, right? It's December!

Although I've been working away for the past two christmases I really want to make this one rather special and Christmasy. But we'll see as somebody isn't very Christmasy and can't stand the clutter, so we'll have to do it nicely. 

It will be lovely to be with family this Christmas to spend it with loved ones, however I will miss the sun a little bit, as it's getting really rather cold out there. I'm sure I could ramble on about the topic of Christmas for rather a while longer. But I won't .. I'll leave it at that. 

Wishing you a very happy festive season. What are your family Christmas traditions? 



  1. It is hard having your birthday close to Christmas! Mine is late November so I always try and hold out for it before doing anything Christmasy too. I hope you have a lovely birthday!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Happy Birthday/ Christmas too. I hope you got to celebrate your birthday properly.

  2. happy birthday and merry christmas, sarah!! my husband's birthday is right after christmas so we're constantly battling the separation of the two!

    1. Thanks Annie. Hope your both well. I hope I don't sound like a moaning Minne - just hate for it to all get blurred together. It's tricky isn't it?! Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy celebrating his birthday.


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