Friday, 2 December 2016

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All of a sudden it turned into November and now it's December. I know I say it every time, but how did that happen? When I was younger people would say life flies by, and now I'm a little bit older it really does. The week disappears in a blink sometimes. I guess it's because I'm busy.. but maybe not. So what have I been doing lately: here's my life lately. 

The Missing. Honestly this is why we pay the Tv License fee, right? For the BBC to make amazing shows like The Missing and Planet Earth II. We can't wait to watch the final episode of the Missing on Wednesday. But equally we'll be really sad when the series is over. As the dark evenings appeared we signed up for Netflix again and we've been watching The Crown - also equally brilliant. I do love the Royal Family and find their history very interesting - I have to say I'm learning a lot about British history. 

Going to the theatre.. 
On Thursday of last week I went to St James' Theatre to watch the Last 5 years which I can wholeheartedly recommend. It's a musical with only two actors in the cast, accompanied by a small orchestra of course. The show was amazing - it was an intense performance with no interval. It's only showing until December 3rd unfortunately. But I'd like to be able to predict it would come to another London theatre next year.. but who knows. You can find out more here. Well worth the ticket price! 

Counting down the months.. 
Until our wedding. It's now less than 4 months until our wedding. (Only just, but still)! I feel like once Christmas is over it will be pretty much with us. 

Which leads me onto.. bootcamp! 
I'm still doing bootcamp 2-3 times a week and I absolutely love it. Even on the cold dark evenings. I'm beginning to really learn the meaning of things being in your head - as in if you can tell yourself you can do it - you definitely can. This winter I've learnt to dress appropriately:
thermal tops  ✅ a long winter coat ✅ and a new set of warm sports gear ✅. 
In fact I can't seem to stop buying sportswear. At least it will keep me doing my fitness stuff. 

Becoming less precious.. (but in a good way)
About 3 or 4 years I was given some Jo Malone gifts for my birthday. I'm rather precious about nice things, and after all those months I decided it was time to light the candle and stop being silly about it. I'm always saving things 'for best' - which is all very well but then I rarely use or wear things if they are for best. So I'm trying to be less precious about things. 

I've been really rather lucky over the past month or so. With two little trips - firstly to Stockholm and then Copenhagen which we actually booked back in Early September. I endeavour to write a few more blog posts about those little adventures but for now you can catch up with them here and here

A few goodies and treats along the way of course.. especially in those wonderful Nordic countries the only place I can find a decent Cinnamon Bun is Blåbär.

Relating back to the candle thing and the Denmark trip. The art of Hygge is something I've been trying to channel at home. That warm cosy feeling, we've been snuggling up on the sofa with candles and our favourite to programmes in the evening. 

Warm drinks.. without sounding like a right alcoholic I've been enjoying some warm alcoholic drinks. I had a real yearning for Baileys hot chocolate a few weekends ago whilst visiting a friend (who luckily had baileys in the cupboard) but I went out and bought flakes, marshmallows, whipped cream and hot chocolate! I was very happy to find lots of places in Copenhagen serving Baileys hot chocolate or Glogg, and our local pub is now serving Mulled Wine, which makes me very happy. (One of the better photos of drinking hot, perhaps alcoholic beverages. The others were just hideous).

Writing my 30 before 30.. 
I'm turning 28 in just over a week. So I'm working on a 30 before I'm 30 post, which may seem like a little bit of a cliche but actually I think it's the perfect time to set myself some little goals to achieve. Stand by for that one I'll be posting that soonish.

Until next time. Sarah x


  1. Wow your wedding is coming round so fast! I'm so jealous, I'd do anything to go back to ours - the time just went too fast!

    I'm the same with saving things for best, I have things that have been hanging in my wardrobe for years because best never came!

    1. It really is coming around quickly. Aww.. yes I'm sure the day goes quickly - that's the one thing I'm actually quite scared about. Life seems to go by in the blink of an eye at the moment!

      Exactly! Time to get those 'best things' out and use them then, Chloe. xx


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