Saturday, 6 August 2016

Travel Link Up | The Greatest Lesson Travel Taught Me

This month's travel link up is 'the greatest lesson travel ever taught me' hosted by Angie, JessiEmma and this month co-hosted by Nano.

I believe the greatest lesson travel has taught me is... to travel more. Travelling has made me a stronger person, who is excited to see the world and new things.

My adventures started quite later on in life really, I holidayed in the UK as a child and hadn't stepped foot onto a plane 2005. I first left the UK in 2004 when I travelled to Switzerland, via coach. Back in March I wrote about my greatest adventures in another wonderful link up, here.

Since then I have visited...16 countries. A figure I think I need to work on. But I guess it's pretty good anyway. (I haven't counted layovers in that although I think it would only add a few). Later this month we will travel to Greece, it will be the first time I've been to Greece so I'm excited to try Greek food and learn more about the Greek culture.

We've become quite good at travelling to the same place twice, I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. But we've been to Turkey, Morocco (Marrakech) and Dubai twice. But this year we've decided to go somewhere new and exciting. My lesson to myself here is to visit new places more.

I was only talking today  last weekend (I'm a bit slow at this blogging lark sometimes), with a lovely American couple about how I need to do more weekend trips.  I'm ashamed to say that they've seen a whole lot more of Europe than I have and I've been here for 27 years! Okay perhaps not all of those years were free travelling years. But you get my drift. I hope. So once again the lesson is I need to travel more.

Travelling has taught me to try new things whether it be eating new food, riding a camel in the deserts of Dubai, luging in Rotorua, snorkelling or riding on the back of a moped in Thailand. Something of course I would never do at home! 

What has travelling taught you? 


  1. One adventure always sparks the next adventure!

  2. It can be hard to decide between somewhere that you loved, and somewhere new that could be rubbish - it's a hard choice!

    1. Absolutely. It's a tricky one isn't it...?!


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