Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fitness - what next.

So you may have read about how I'd taken up running, how I signed up for my very first 5K race and got a time that I was very happy with. (28 mins 16 secs). But then I went on holiday. I ran twice on holiday, Dubai isn't really the place for running. I ran once on the treadmill at the hotel, and once along the beach early one morning. It was still hot, and not my usual running conditions so there's no way I ran even half of my usual.

But nevermind that what holidays are for I guess.. relaxing and enjoying yourself. Fast forward to now, and I've just got myself back up to my 5K. I didn't realise it would be another hurdle to overcome. I went from running every other day, to twice within a week on holiday. Then of course the post holiday blues and mountain of washing left me a little glum. I knew it was time to get back into it. I paced myself because otherwise I would have most probably fallen over on the treadmill.

I joined the gym, back in August, boy I'm glad I did. I have loved running outdoors over the past 3-4 months, but as it's practically dark by the time I get home., I'm not sure I'd have the enthusiasm to go back out into the dark cold evening. There's just something more appealing in cosying up on the sofa when I get home.

The gym membership is pushing me to run, which is great. I have also taken up a weekly spinning class. This is the first time I'd ever done Spin as they call it. This week will see my fifth session, and I love it. Oh goodness I never thought I'd say that - the idea of getting hot and sweaty in a room full of strangers daunted me to say the least. However Spin is great, our class tends to be in the dark (well lights off, so it's not too bright).

I'm loving the strength that Spin is giving me, I can feel my legs gaining strength. I used to cycle a little on the bikes after a run, but it was just a casual kind of warm down. This is different generally you are cycling at over 100 rpm, (revolutions per minute). I now know what I should be aiming for to actually feel any kind of work out. 

So now I'm running and spinning. It really sank in the other day when I ran to the post office rather than driving there! It's amazing how much things can change in just a matter of months. My next step is to book myself onto another 5K just to get another goal in place. Then I can get back to working on my personal best...

What does your fitness regime look like?


  1. Ive been so so bad with the gym recently, I got so busy I couldn't go for weeks - now I'm back and I can only manage 3k each time :( Guess it's better than not going at all!

    When I was losing weight people kept telling me to try spinning but I was too scared. It always looks seriously intense, I don't think I'd ever keep up!

    Chloe X

  2. I fricking LOVE spinning. Our classes are in the dark but with disco lights :D triathlon next missy :) xx

    1. Me too.. we sometimes have the lights off (depending on the instructor, Booo)! But with disco lights sounds amazing. Ahh not sure I'm triathlon material! Have you done one? Xx


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