Sunday, 11 October 2015

Birchall Tea | Review

Back in August I received an email asking me to attend a tea tasting event held by Birchall Tea. I was disappointed not to be able to attend, especially as I read about it here. The tea tasting sounded very informative, and it was a shame to have missed the opportunity to meet some fellow tea bloggers who I've connected on Twitter with previously.

I was very kindly offered a sample of their tea. A few weeks passed then out of the blue I had a parcel to collect. I was wracking my brain trying to work out what it was.. I hadn't ordered anything, so I was a bit confused.

I came away from the Post Office with a box branded Birchall, aha my tea! Oh how I love happy post. I practically ran home and put the kettle on.

I was also sent a selection of Birchall's green and herbal teas.  Including peppermint, green tea, earl grey, lemongrass & ginger, red berry & flower and camomile. Birchall's prism bags are beautiful. I was particularly taken with the camomile flowers within the bag.

Birchall sent me a lovely selection of tea plus a huge box of their 'Great Rift'. The tea is quite strong, but in a good way. Brewing time says 2-5 minutes. I was super impressed with the flavour. Birchall really will become my 'everyday tea bag'. 

The Great Rift tea comes from East Africa and is 'only ever hand picked'. I honestly appreciate tea more when I think about the effort that goes into every cup of tea. I'm very pleased to learn that Birchall have won lots of great taste awards over the past few years, which I can completely understand.  

I have to say my favourite of the herbal teas was the peppermint. The flavour is just amazing. I will definitely be buying some boxes in the future. I was also sent some lovely coasters. I think the packaging of Birchall is great. It stands out and definitely looks like a high end product, which reflects the quality and flavour of Birchall's Tea.

Thank you to Birchall Tea for sending me their tea to sample. 


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