Sunday, 19 July 2015

My week that was | Weekend wanderings & ramblings

Well last week was a little busy for me over on the blog. I managed to get 3 blog posts up in the past week with some nifty scheduling and what not. I was rather pleased with myself I have to say.
This week I've not been quite so productive blog wise but there are a few explanations as to why.

You may have read that I've taken up running, which takes up a little bit more of my weekday evenings. I've managed to work 3 runs into my week. I really am enjoying it. I sometimes get a day pass for a local gym but I tend to run outdoors most of the time. 

So that's a little bit of lost blogging time but here's what else I've been doing this week...

Friday night saw the boy & I on a date night at El Patron in Putney which I can really recommend. With its good tequila selection and yummy food, it may well be a new favourite spot for after work nibbles.. I had veggie tacos and a mango & avocado salad which was amazing!

Jumble Sale
On Saturday morning I went to a little jumble sale held by Lynne from Papermash. Papermash is an online store specialising in paper goods, and lots of beautiful things. I found out about the jumble sale via instagram and realised it was very nearby so just had to go. I got some excellent bargains and as soon as I got home I wished I'd bought more. This amazing haul set me back £10, thanks Lynne.

Then I went off on a walking tour of London hosted by Yannick Pucci. This time he was showing off the sights and history in Piccadilly. The tour is named 'Piccadilly and Petit Fours' which you'll soon be able to read more about in the very near future.

Wandering the shops
On my journey home I was mooching around Waterloo, just checking out Foyles Bookshop and Oliver Bonas to be exact when I cam across this beautiful image 'Two Hundred and Six Beach huts' by Tim Harris. I love this print as it reminds me of our time exploring Norfolk back in April.


I opted for a virgin mojito at my local cocktail bar 366 in Earlsfield. It's just had a revamp so it was nice to see what it's like there now, and have a look at the menu. Today I opted for an alcohol free cocktail as I was soon going to set off for the gym.

Then it was time to hit the gym, I am working on my 5K running time at the moment.

Sunday morning saw me catching up with friends over breakfast at Dayleford in Pimlico. I didn't get round to taking any photos, but I was really good and went for granola, fruit and yoghurt. You'll just have to imagine that one for now.

Enjoying the sun
Then I sat in the park and sunbathed whilst faffing about on my phone and reading my book. If you've any recommendations for books I'd be very grateful as I need something to read in holiday.

When I say faffing about on my phone I was actually being rather productive - planning blog posts and making lists. I'm currently making lists of things to do during my week off. I've got a spot of shopping to do... As I've previously mentioned I'm trying to create a new grey and mustard yellow theme in our lounge, so I've got a few basics to pick up at Ikea. I'll also be in need of some holiday bits and pieces.

Strangely, or perhaps not so in the sun.. I was craving ice cream... Funny that as did you know that today was #NationalIceCreamDay ?

Afternoon Tea in the Evening 

Whilst in Sainsburys earlier today I saw these scones, and as I haven't had Afternoon Tea for ages I thought it was about time I rectified this situation. The tea was a lovely little sample from the 'Piccadilly and Petit Fours' tour yesterday. A perfect Sunday evening treat.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend. What have you been doing? 



  1. Sounds like you're being so organised at the moment! I had a pretty productive weekend too - great run in the gym, some blog post writing and a trip to the cinema to see AntMan!

    Chloe x

    1. I'm certainly trying Chloe, having said that now all the productiveness has fizzled out, and I'm frantically trying to write again. The time just goes to quickly. Amazing, we must talk more about the running soon. Look forward to reading what you've got in store for this week on the blog!

  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend :) I was craving ice cream yesterday too! and now you've got me craving scones :)

    1. It's funny isn't it? We must have secretly known it was National Ice Cream Day.. hope you somehow cured your scone craving. :)

      Sarah x


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