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Travel Link Up: Souvenirs

This post is part of the Travel Link Up, hosted by KellyEmma, Rebecca and this month.. Jaime from Angloyankophile. If you haven't heard about it, it's a great little link up with a monthly topic, you can find out more here. It's a great way to find new blogs to read, and lots of lovely travel tips too.

Ever since I caught the travelling bug I've enjoyed seeing other parts of the world. However souvenir shopping is not my best. In fact let's be honest I'm not very good at shopping full stop. Shock horror.. What kind of a girl.. Pretty much every time I return from a trip I wish I'd bought more. We used to buy a fridge magnet from all the places we'd been, but now integrated kitchens are more common we've not really anywhere to put them. I hate having regrets, but the lack of souvenirs sometimes makes me wish I was better at spending money. 

Here are a few of my favourite souvenirs.. what a lovely way to do some reminiscing.

New Zealand.. wine & kiwis.

I'll start with the silliest. When in New Zealand we got stranded (thanks to the good old Icelandic volcano, cue an extra 10 days in NZ, a blessing in disguise). Anyway I digress, we ended up on a wine tasting course in Napier. In the shop we found the most beautiful bottle of wine in the world.. we bought it, we managed to transport it all the way back from Napier, to Auckland, to Sydney to Dubai and then onto London. It survived, thank goodness. But you'll never believe it, the wine was awful when we opened it a few years later. You live and learn, eh?

Anyway I don't have that bottle of wine, or a photo of it. I do however have a lovely kiwi to remind me of our trip.


Thailand... wooden candle holders & beer coolers.

After riding around Koh Lanta on the back of a moped(!) we stopped at Old Lanta town where we picked up this candle holder. It will always remind me of our trip to Thailand. It's quite a normal souvenir from a little day of madness. We asked for it to be carefully wrapped and managed to get the candle holder into our rucksack and onto the back of the moped. Of course on Khao San Road in Bangkok you'll find an amazing assortment of souvenirs. Come to think of it we've a snazzy Singha beer cooler somewhere. I have a feeling one day we'll go back to Thailand so there's always another chance to get some more tasteful keepsakes!

Morocco.. tagines & tealight holders.

This decorative tagine is from Marrakech, it's a very simply designed one. I chose it because it's red and at the time it fitted with our colour scheme. What was I thinking? Why didn't I go with a more exquisite piece of pottery. Looking around I've spotted a few more souvenirs from our travels, and a little lantern from Morocco is another. There's also the tealight holders we bought whilst in a shop in the depths of the Souks, when we were feeling very lost and just wanted to get back on track.

Travel books and photos.

Although not a souvenir as such I do like to buy a travel book for the places to go. It's of course very helpful to have a guide book to refer to during my travels, and equally as pretty sitting on the bookshelf.

Thinking about it photos of our trips are some of the loveliest souvenirs. I've made a few photo books from our travels, and really must print more photos. There's a few travel resolutions which I can think of.

So here's to buying better souvenirs.. I'm travelling to Copenhagen this weekend for a city break, so Denmark can be the test. Can I buy some really lovely souvenirs? I'm not talking cheesy fridge magnets and pens. I'm thinking something really worthwhile.  I'll let you know when I get back.

Toodle pip.



  1. Oh, but these are lovely souvenirs! (I second you on the shopping bit urgh!)

    1. Thank you Emma, I do like them. I just don't think I have enough sometimes.

  2. That is a seriously sweet kiwi! And a wonderful reminder of your trip. :)

    1. Yes, he's very sweet I'm sure there was a little story about how it was made.. but unfortunately I can't remember it.. I'm just finishing off a little post about my recent souvenir shopping. :)

  3. Love that kiwi sculpture - hope you find something nice to bring back from Denmark!

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    1. It's cute isn't it? I certainly did, yay. I'm just about to post a little something on my Danish souvenirs. :)


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