Saturday, 20 June 2015

Copenhagen Calling

I know I've written a few Copenhagen blog posts already. I hope you won't get bored of me wittering on about Copenhagen, sorry (not sorry.. and all that). I think I kind of fell in love with Copenhagen, and here's why.
You know when you're so excited about a place, you just want to go back. I've already been looking at the bits we missed and what I could see next time. :-) Copenhagen was everything I expected it to be. And a little bit more actually. We were lucky with the weather. A local told us it had been 'nothing to write home about' the week before. I love the way that he used that phrase.

Anyway enough waffling (I'll come back to the waffles later). Here's what we did in COPENHAGEN:

Nyhavn means new harbour, the colourful townhouses are picture perfect, and very symbolic of Copenhagen I think. We took a boat trip from Nyhavn and explored Copenhagen via the water. I'd highly recommend the tour, it's very reasonable £8. As you can see it's very busy, but beautiful, especially with those blue skies.

Von Frelsers Kirke 
Climbing the tower of Our Saviour's church gives incredible views of the city of Copenhagen. The top of the staircase is on the outside of the tower, which is something beautiful in itself. Not for the claustrophobic or those with a fear of heights!

Eating at Fiskbar - this restaurant is a great find thanks to my lovely travel companion who had done lots of research. We were even invited into the kitchen for a tour.. I think they thought we were bloggers, all those photos I was taking. (Much to my disappointment I realised afterwards my memory card was not storing said photos, leaving me with only this one). We ordered the dessert sharing plate, which was a great way to try 3 of the desserts.

Cycling. Cycling and more cycling. This made me extremely happy. You can see more about the bikes we hired here. The locals.. Copenhagenites(?) cycle everywhere. There are specific cycle lanes in Copenhagen, making cycling around the city very safe. Cars and pedestrians are completely separate. You see families cycling everywhere. It's just the done thing in CPH.

Torvehallerne could possibly be Copenhagen's answer to London's Borough Market. It's a great foodie stop, and a good place to sample some good food. (Just look at the size of those Danish pastries). Also a great place for people watching and admiring the locals.

Tivloi Gardens. 
Pretty gardens, fun fair rides and rollercoasters. Walt Disney is said to have based Disney World on the magical Tivoli Gardens. Well worth a visit, but rather expensive.

The Marble Church
We saw Frederiks Kirke during the boat tour, and when we cycled past it we just had to stop. The Marble Church is very impressive particularly in the evening sunshine. We didn't go inside but I'm sure inside is equally as impressive.


The Little Mermaid 
One of those things you have to see whilst visiting the city. I'd read many blogs, which said the statue of the little Mermaid is very underwhelming. Den lille havfrue as shes known in Denmark is just
1.25 metres (4.1 ft) high. The Little Mermaid is a free attraction, and I feel we couldn't have left without seeing her. We visited early evening, and it wasn't crowded. We also saw the Little Mermaid from the water during the boat trip, and there were crowds of people during the afternoon.

Eating Ice Cream
No holiday would be complete without an obligatory ice cream. Down on the right side of the Nyhavn, number 49 you'll find an ice cream parlour, called Vaffelbageren (which you can just see it in the right side of this photo). Here they serve lovely ice creams, the queue was out the door. You can see them hand making and then rolling the waffles to make the cones, it was quite a sight. I'd never even thought how a waffle cone was made before. But now I know!

Wandering/Cycling Copenhagen.
You'll have seen from my Wandering London posts how I enjoy just wandering, getting a little lost and seeing parts of the city that perhaps you wouldn't usually see. 


Where we stayed.. 
We stayed in the beautful hotel that is SP34 you can read all about it in my separate blog post here. Some of the best bits of the hotel were the wine hour, cocktails and breakfast. That's Geranium Gin and Fentimans Rose Lemonade by the way.

Copenhagen is so accessible. It takes 13 minutes from the centre to the airport on the train. We took just 35 mins from the platform to stepping into the departure lounge. Copenhagen airport is amazing, (okay yes I admit we only had hang luggage), but it has won awards for its security screening department. Good work KPH.

As we were leaving for the airport I spotted this at the train station. "Good morning, and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" Very apt, I thought.

Farewell Copenhagen, and Tak.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, I'm such a sucker for blue skies and brightly coloured buildings, something tells me I'd love Copenhagen.

    We haven't been abroad for 2 years now as we've been saving so hard to buy our house, now we're almost there I think we should be able to go away next year and my head is already full of places I'd like to visit, Copenhagen is definitely on that list (I'm thinking we can maybe do a city break AND a week long sunshine holiday ... greedy?!)

    I'll make sure I save this post so I can look back on it when we do decide to go!

    1. Chloe I can only recommend it. I'm pretty certain you'll love it. I already want to go back, whilst doing a bit more research for this post I found other things to see.. for next time. It's such a lovely city.

      That's not greedy at all.. when your hard work has paid off you guys should treat yourselves!!

      Sarah xx

  2. Never apologise for a lovely travel post - I want to go SO bad! (and would love your 'missed suggestions too!)

    1. Thank you. Emma, go go go!! You will fall in love. Yes, maybe I should compile a list of the missed suggestions. :)

  3. What a gorgeous city! I have no problem reading about it a few more times! Riding a bike is def. a smart way to get around - and you can see things at a slower speed than whizzing by in a taxi or bus!

  4. I love strolling around the streets and stumbling upon pretty little shops and houses in Copenhagen. Am so happy you enjoyed your time in Copenhagen, still haven't visited Tivoli Gardens and have visited the city twice now xx


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