Saturday, 2 May 2015

Life Lately | April

Well Hello May, it looks like it's going to be a good one, as we welcome a Royal Baby and start off the month with another Bank Holiday. 

Looking back at April, once again it turned into a busy month, kicking off with the Easter Bank Holiday which saw use cosied up in a little Shepherd's Hut in Norfolk

As I flick through my Instagram and photos on my phone I realise how lucky we've been. The weather has been beautiful. Spring has well and truly Sprung. I've loved the blue skies adorned with Pink Blossom.

What we've been watching..
Homeland. Now I know we are rather late to the party, but a few weeks ago we started watching Series 1 of Homeland. On Friday night after a drink at our local we settled down to a takeaway and Homeland. We ended up watching 3 episodes and finishing the series! No spoilers please! 

Wandering London.
This month we went to Hampton Court Palace which was just lovely especially at this time of year. I also visited Kew Gardens with the children which is also just beautiful, and both completely worthy of an entire post of its own.

Drinking.. lots of tea.
I had a lovely package from the ever so nice people at Canopy & Stars so I've been enjoying green tea and mint tea. I also finally opened a lovely mixed package of tea from Bluebird tea company who call themselves Mixologists. The tea itself is lovely, I really must visit Bluebird when I'm in Brighton next.

Drinking.. Cocktails.
A friend of mine hosted a cocktail evening, which was a really good night. We all brought a cocktail & it's given me a real taste for them. I've been taking advantage of the happy hours and 2 for 1 deals after work.

Check out that chilli!

I'm really cracking on with The Rosie Effect, I'm reading at least a chapter a day - I'm really enjoying reading on my way to work, rather than scrolling through facebook. It's far more productive. 

Adorning the house with flowers.  
Since moving into our new flat I've bought fresh flowers quite often, it's amazing how even a small bunch of daffodils (costing £1) brighten up the kitchen.

A brunch date is one of my favourite weekend treats. I visited The Rose Bakery which is situated on the top floor of Dover Street Market. They serve lots of delicious looking cakes, (the cylindrical carrot cakes looked amazing & very popular - they sold our while we were there). There is a reduced food menu on Sunday, but they were still serving eggs, salmon, or mushrooms on toast. It's making my tummy rumble just thinking about it.

So there we have it a little round up of some of April's best bits. What have you got planned for May? 


  1. After getting so excited about your Shepherd's Hut stay I got to stay in one myself in Northumberland last week .. WOW! It was just as great as I imagined, I think Simon wasn't quite so enthralled as me and possibly got a little annoyed by me saying "WOW!" every 5 minutes but I'm hoping I'll be able to convince him to try more glamping experiences in the future. I want more x

    1. Aww I'm glad there was as much excitement as you shared when you saw my post too. :)
      Look forward to reading all about it. What a perfect midweek break.

      I'd go back anytime. In fact... *excuse me while I book another..*

  2. Replies
    1. It has been. Although every month is in that respect. I just can't resist the goodies!! Hehe

  3. Successful April I'd say! I hope May is just as lovely!!

    1. Yes I'd say so too, hope yours as been equally as lovely. I'm hoping for a little more sun, it came and went again, here in London. Hope your well Bronwyn.


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