Sunday, 24 May 2015

Kensington Gardens | Wandering London

Here's another edition of my 'Wandering London' series. This time focusing on Kensington.

After visiting Anges de Sucre in Holland Street it was only natural to wander around the streets of Kensington and then onto Kensington Gardens. Now I'm afraid you'll have to excuse the dull photos they were taken on a really grey day in London.

I've not realised before (quite stupidly) that you can just wander into and around Kensington Palace Gardens. Of course, the whole vacinity leading up to Hyde Park is called Kensington Gardens. So I hope you get my drift.

The gardens surrounding the palace must be just beautiful in the sun. I'll be back.. I'd definitely like to try Afternoon Tea in the Orangery as I'm sure it's lovely. I'm quite a fan of the royal family so I enjoyed the visit anyway. But it wasn't warm enough to sit down and enjoy it as much as I'd like to have done.

I've done a little more research on the area and there's a whole lot more to explore. You can find out more here. I learnt of a few new attractions such as the Allotments which are situated down from Lancaster Gate tube station.

Of course there's the Diana Memorial Playground, the Serpentine Gallery, the Peter Pan statue and the Albert Memorial, to name but a few. Kensington Palace itself may also be worth a visit, I've not yet been, but I'm sure it will be as lovely as Hampton Court Palace which I visited recently. You can read more about that visit here.

Wander a little more and you'll find yourself entering Hyde Park, which of course has many beautiful features of it's own. I can't wait for a bit more sun, so we can pack up a picnic and enjoy a day in the Park. This is one of things I love about London. Yes you may be in the middle of the city, but there is so much green space to explore. I've barely touched the surface really.

It's amazing what a little tweaking on Instagram can do. I just wish the sun could bless us with it's presence in which case I wouldn't have to use the filters. Come on Summer I know you're just around the corner.

Have you found a favourite corner of London to wander yet?


  1. Lots of pretty things to look at - even on the greyest of days!

    1. That's very true actually Bronwyn. It was a chilly old day, but still enjoyable. :)


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