Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hampton Court Palace | Wandering London

It's about time for another 'Wandering London' post. It's the perfect excuse for me to visit and document my explorations of London, and share them with you.

Last weekend we visited Hampton Court Palace, its been on my 'London Bucket List' for a while. My LBL consists of lists in my mind, notebooks with lists of coffee shops to try and scraps of paper with jottings of places to try too. One day I'll merge all of them together into an epic list, but for now it will remain traditional. I do love a good list. And a good notebook. Anyway I digress.

Back to Hampton Court. A friend recently visited and having seen her pictures of Hampton Court gleaming in the sunshine I was desperate to visit too. I checked the weather forecast and it was set to be dry, albeit cloudy. We wouldn't be quite so lucky with cloudless blue sky, but that wouldn't really matter. As it happens the sun made an appearance and I was wishing I'd packed my sunglasses. 


We spent most of our time exploring the gardens which I have to say is more up my street than being inside and reading about the history and Henry VIII (sorry, to anyone with a love of history). You could take an audio tour which would have probably made me interested, but instead we meandered around the gardens. 

The Gardens are very impressive and extremely well kept. Spring seems like a beautiful time to visit - the bright colours everywhere make the perfect picture. I do love tulips.

We had a lovely lunch at The Tiltyard Cafe. I just had to take a few sneaky photos as I was very impressed with the cafe as a whole, plus the quality of food was amazing.

The gardens are full of colour, and perfect for a post-lunch /cake stroll. There's so much more for us to see, the grounds of Hampton Court Palace are 60 acres. So there's plenty more wandering to do.

We enjoyed the maze and kitchen gardens, but my favourite would have to be the pond gardens which were just filled with colour. Imagine that being your garden!

I've always had this thing with doorways, and I've realised over the years I've taken lots of photos of doorways, enough for an entire blogpost in fact.

I recommend a visit to Hampton Court Palace, it's a lovely place to escape for the day and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the gardens. If history is more your thing then there's plenty of that too.

Have you been to Hampton Court Palace? You can find out more at HCP's website here. Until next time.. X


  1. I haven't been since 2000! Wow. That's a long time ago. I've been to London 3 times since then and haven't made it back. We planned to go one day in March while we were in the UK but our planned day got completely rained out! Next time I guess....

  2. Isn't Hampton Court just luscious!? (Ps. I'm looking forward to that door post!!)


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