Monday, 4 May 2015

Bean & Hop

Having lived in Earlsfield for nearly 3 years you'd think we'd been there done that but we're quite lucky there has been new places popping up over the years. 

Bean & Hop used to be The Earlsfield Deli. We had been in a few times but just to grab some nice cheese and olives. But things were changing - a few months ago we noticed the rebranding, and the Earlsfield Deli became Bean & Hop. A coffee and craft ale specialist.

We've popped in a few times, initially just for a glass of wine & beer on our way home from work. We then noticed their pizza nights with pizzas and a beer or a of glass house wine, for £10. What a bargain! 
Bean & Hop is a great addition to Earlsfield. On a corner just a few roads down from the station, you'll find it at 424-426 Garratt Lane. It's a relaxing space, playing some good indie tunes. It's rather popular, you may even find yourself waiting for a table. The staff are attentive and friendly.

It was only this (bank holiday) weekend we went for brunch there. I kicked things off with a cappuccino and the Boy had an americano. It's lovely coffee - beans from nude espresso.

I went for poached eggs and smashed avocado on toast. (£6.50) Have I told you before? I have this real thing for avocado at the moment. I just love them. So there really was no doubt in my mind when it came to ordering. I really enjoyed my brunch, I felt it was rather healthy and meant I skipped lunch. (Leaving room for cake later in the afternoon, without feeling too piggish).


Meanwhile the boy went for the bean and hop breakfast- eggs, bacon, roasted tomatoes, granary sourdough toast and homemade baked beans (£9.50). The bacon appeared a few seconds later, and there were mushrooms, which weren't mentioned on the menu.

The breakfasts were delicious. I tried some of the homemade baked beans, which were so tasty. The Boy has commented before on the bacon being the best he's ever tasted. (He's had a bacon sarnie here before). The quality of the food is high, just look at those tomatoes - on the vine. I also feel the prices are very reasonable. We've noticed new additions to the menu of late, and apparently there's a new chef too. It would appear there are exciting things to try next time with lovely looking salads and lunches too. 

Good work Bean & Hop, we'll be back.



  1. Both of your brunches look amazing! I don't know which one I would have chosen! I, too , have a thing for avocados right now. They are the perfect texture to add to anything. On toast with tomatoes is my favourite!

    1. Mmm.. They were good. That's a good idea, I'll have to try it with tomatoes, just fresh toms? I usually go for some chilli flakes, lime juice and a sprinkle of salt. Or balsamic glaze. Talking of texture I made a Mexican chilli quinoa recipe (from Pinterest) and you add avocado at the end. It's so versatile. Keep up the avocado love, and thanks for commenting as always. :-)

  2. Looks SO lovely! I really need to venture to SW London next time I'm down, go on a nostalgia tour of Wimbledon, Earlsfield and Wandsworth - I need to check out these lovely places you blog about! x

    1. Well let me know if you do venture to SW London! Please remind me where you used to live? I'm sure you'll be surprised at all the lovely new places that have popped up! X

  3. Avocado on toast & coffee = heaven!


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