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The Shepherds Rest | Canopy & Stars

Like a lot of things I'd found out about Canopy & Stars on Twitter.. I'd longingly trawled through the website looking at the quirky places to stay that they have on offer. I found a lot of the places had a 3 night minimum stay making it quite difficult. (It's a bit of a different story now the evenings are lighter and longer. We could potentially travel somewhere on a Friday night). But then the Bank Holiday was fast approaching..
I'd kept an eye on the Shepherds Rest in Norfolk for a while. It was one that really took my fancy. I'd never been to Norfolk. There's a lot of the UK I haven't yet seen.. On the Wednesday evening before I saw a tweet from Canopy & Stars offering the 3rd night at the Shepherds Rest for free. That quite honestly made my mind up for me. Always fond of a bargain!

So what if it rained, we could wrap up warm and brave the elements or even hide away in the Shepherd's hut. For once the waiting until the last minute paid off. But I could have been waiting for ever. Why don't I just go for it with these things?!


The Shepherd's Rest is located near the village of Foulsham, which is a 10 minute walk away. The owners are friendly and provide extensive information on the surrounding areas, and the best bits to visit. There's a detailed information pack given to you on arrival with details of gastro pubs and eateries nearby. This is quite rural, so you have to be prepared to travel by car for your dinner.

On arrival we greeted with homemade biscuits and tea making facilities. I realised this weekend how much of the stuff I drink.. having to cross the field to boil the kettle was no hardship however. Not when these guys meet you at the barn door.

So here we are.. I'm currently drafting this blog post whilst The Boy tends to the fire. I've read my book by the light of a latern and candles. I must admit I'm glad I've got enough signal to flick through instagram and send a few tweets. But otherwise it's the perfect break.

Inside the Shepherd's Rest it's very sweet and cosy. It's decorated with antiques and shepherd paraphernalia so to speak. The woodburner kept us warm throughout the weekend, I'm not quite sure what we'd have done without it. The hut itself has no electricity, but you're provided with a rechargeable latern and plenty of candles.

The Shepherds Rest is set within a small farm, there is also the Gamekeeper's hut within the same field. We were lucky with the weather as it didn't rain, but old shoes or Wellingtons are necessary.

The site also boasts B&B accommodation which I didn't know about before our stay, as I booked through Canopy & Stars.  (There's always next time, eh)? You can find out more here.

But you know what I quite like this glamping thing. There are two 'posh wash cabins' with a flushing loo and hot showers. Each hut gets it's own wash cabin. This isn't the sorting of 'camping' I remember as a Girl Guide! Although you have to walk about 30m

The only shared area is the kitchen barn, which is rather large. We enjoyed making breakfast with local eggs and sausages. Here you can charge your phone.

We've explored the North Norfolk coast, stopping off at Cley, Wells-next-the-Sea and pretty towns such as Burnham Market & Holt. There's an itinerary for day trips and walks in the information pack which was really useful.

The Shepherd's Rest gives a good location with the coast being about 30 minutes drive and Norwich the same. There's so much more to see, but right now I'm feeling happy knowing I've now seen some of it!

Have you been to Norfolk? What do you recommend?

For more info check the Norfolk Courtyard website or Canopy & Stars.


  1. OMG OMG OMG! I don't even know where to start with this, I'm too excited! I LOVE THIS BLOG POST :)

    I've been so intrigued by the idea of staying somewhere quirky for the longest time and later this month Simon and I are actually going glamping for the first time ever in Northumberland with a few other bloggers, I'm so excited (I'm not sure he's quite as happy at the thought as I am but hopefully it will win him over!) .. this has just made me even more giddy at the thought!

    So happy you chose Norfolk :) When I clicked on the website Norfolk was the first place I took a look at out of curiosity, it will forever be my home and I should imagine glamping there is just the best.

    I'm not overly familiar with North Norfolk (I grew up just outside of Norwich), but my little sister is actually getting married in Burnham Market in September so hopefully I can explore a little more of it then! Ooooooh maybe we should have gone glamping then?! Imagine getting into my bridesmaid frock in the Shepherd's Rest!

    The accommodation looks absolutely gorgeous, so peaceful and cute! I bet it was so relaxing!

    I hope you've been bitten by the Norfolk bug and will return, it's so close to London yet so many people haven't been! Did you make it to Norwich? Sorry must stop waffling! I get over excited when people visit Norfolk AND go glamping in the same blog post :p

    Chloe x

  2. Oohh Chloe, I'm glad you loved it :) You should definitely take a look at Canopy & Stars if you haven't already. It's great for cute and quirky places to stay. You'll love it, especially with a group, I'm sure Simon will come round to the idea. Give him the challenge to create a fire and I'm sure he'll be happy. Can't wait to hear more about it.

    Yes I feel in love with Norfolk a little. It's beautiful - although I grew up in Somerset the countryside there was so different. And it makes such a change to London. I will probably do another post with more about the places we visited. So you'll have to keep an eye out for that one. Ooh wow, a wedding in Burnham Market that's bound to be stunning. It's so pretty, there will be plenty of photo opportunities.

    We briefly went to Norwich just to get a bit of shopping, it seems there's a lot to see in Norwich itself - maybe next time.
    Thanks again for commenting it's so sweet of you!! Xx

  3. A shepherd's hut? How cool is that. I don't think they offer anything like that here in Canada. The "glamping" thing is just catching on here and I've booked a night for hubby and I in August.
    That hut looked cozy and comfy. I can see why you and your man enjoyed your time there.
    You shared a kitchen? Was that awkward or was it nice to meet others as you cooked?
    So many questions...

    1. Oh yes a Shepherd's hut. What does your glamping consist of? There's lots of yurts and things over here these days. It's really nice to get in touch with nature, and it kind of takes me back to my childhood.

      We did indeed share a kitchen, it wasn't awkward at all (the barn was pretty big) and we seemed on a different schedule to the other couple staying there. We ate out a few evenings, and they went out the evening we stayed in, coincidentally I hope! Keep the questions coming :)

  4. This is SOOOO cute!! We keep being tempted by the treehouses on Canopy & Stars, but find the driving aspect a little daunting (mostly because I'm a chicken!)

    1. It really was lovely. Staying in a treehouse would be amazing, do it! There's a section on their website called 'for those without wheels', which might be worth looking at if you're not fond of driving. I'll DM you the link now. Hope you've had a lovely weekend.


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