Sunday, 15 March 2015

My week that was..

It's been a busy few weeks, which is my main reason for the lack of blogging, which I must aplogise for. You know when you start to feel guilty that you haven't blogged.. The second reason is the lack of internet connection.

The reason for the busyness was firstly searching for a new flat and then moving into it (last weekend).

This week I've mainly been collapsing on the sofa feeling rather tired after not much of a break last weekend. But this week (besides the unpacking) I have been mainly...

 Trying to eat more fruit..

Well.. here we have a huge stack of pancakes with banana. Ha. Now I know that doesn't really work.. But everyone needs some energy when there's moving house involved. I've really been enjoying blueberries and raspberries with granola and yoghurt. I can't wait for summer when the British berries will be in season!

Buying Fresh Flowers.

I've decided, although it didn't take much persuasion that fresh flowers really can make a home. I literally couldn't wait to buy flowers for our new flat. And went for these beautiful pastel tulips. What are your favourite flowers? Also I constantly see gorgeous posts on Instagram of flowers which I just adore, so I intend on treating myself to fresh flowers more often. And hopefully brightening up my Instagram feed in the process.

Eating Avocados.

I'm completely obsessed with avocados at the moment. I've been making homemade guacamole, and a mexican inspired quinoa dish with avocados. Plus avocado on toast twice in the past 3 days! Excuse the rubbish picture.  I'm sure I'll get chance to take some better ones in the coming week..
Choosing a new book.

This week I picked up The Rosie Effect.  I stormed through The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, once I'd initially got into it. (I found it a bit tricky to get into first of all). I think it was very well written and I just couldn't put it down. So I'm looking forward to reading his second novel. I'll keep you posted.

Getting lost on Pinterest. 

I'm loving Pinterest again at the moment. It's great for finding new recipes like this Halloumi, sundried tomato and rocket sandwich, which is simply divine. And also styling techniques for bookshelves and mantlepieces both of which our new flat contains. Hooray! We have character.

Sorting my new shelves. 

I really enjoyed  arranging our ornaments and some books (I'm keeping it very minimal) onto our new shelves. The rest are neatly arranged hidden in the cupboards below. I found some very inspiring pictures and articles on Pinterest. Whatever did we do without it.

Eating out. Rather a lot.

I've been feeling rather tired to cook so this week we tried our local Korean, Cah-chi, on Garratt Lane - it's well worth a visit if you fancy something different. You have a bbq at your table(!) and a waiter/waitress cooks your meat for you right in front of your eyes.

We also went to Ben's Canteen one evening where I engorged on Blue Cheese Gnocchi, which was oh so good. You can read more about my previous visits to Ben's Canteen for Brunch here and for Cocktails & Nibbles here.

Getting ready for Spring.

I spotted this lovely 'Springy' floral top in TK Maxx, it's from kew.159 which I've learnt this evening is a sister company of Jigsaw. It was a bargain at £16.99, I'll just be waiting for a bit more sun before I bare my shoulders. I'm looking forward to teaming this with jeans and some new Spring ballet pumps. Come on Spring. I'm ready for you.

We still had some sorting to do & errands to run on Saturday. But I was desperate to do something I could blog about. So I decided I would dedicate Sunday to something 'bloggy'. Keep a look out for the next few blogposts coming very soon! Until next time x


  1. You HAVE been busy! Moving is very hard, but a new home is always so energizing. Your shelves look great and I am sure new fresh flowers once a week will make spring feel closer than ever!!

    1. I really have.. It's lovely, we spent this weekend making it even more homely and putting up pictures etc. Thank you, I'm pretty chuffed with the shelves and a friend brought me roses yesterday afternoon - more fresh flowers :-) Look forward to hearing more about your London trip! In fact I'm heading over to the blog now.. I've some catching up to do.


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