Sunday, 22 March 2015

Anges de Sucre | Macarons

Anges de Sucre, means ‘sugar angels’ in French.

Last weekend I stumbled across it via Instagram and boy I was glad I spotted it. It was the perfect candidate for a sugar fix on a Sunday. I'm a little late posting this, but it nearly coincides with #WorldMacaronDay which took place on Friday.

You will find Anges de Sucre very close to High Street Kensington. It's located just of off Kensington Church Street around the corner on Holland Street, you can't miss it once you've turned left. The decor just draws you in. The location is perfect for post sugar strolls around Kensington's finest terraces and of course Kensington Palace Gardens.

Inside you'll be faced with the decision of macarons, marshmallows, cupcakes, s'mores, muffles (the new hybrid in town - Marshmallow Truffles)! teamed with perfect, Parisian roasted coffee and hot chocolates. Basically if you fancy anything sweet and luxury, you'll find it here.

I chose some macaroons or should I say macarons? Yes I definitely should. You can read about that little debate here. And therefore I shall refer to them as macarons.

I went for macarons in the following flavours: Damask Rose, Death by Chocolate, Pistache Vera,  Raspberry Ripple,  Love. Passion. Karma, Lavender Fields, and Muchly Matcha. I tried the  Lavender Fields and the Love.Passion.Karma macarons first. And then the rose.

The passionfruit one for me stands out and is bursting with flavour. The Lavender flavoured macaron was relatively subtle in flavour but instantly reminded me of my visits to Mayfield Lavender Farm. I'm a real sucker for lavender.

Somehow my macaroons lasted quite a few days, they lasted well considering I kept them out of the fridge (what a wally)! I enjoyed the pistachio and matcha macarons. I stand by my initial thoughts though with the rose and lavender being my favourites, but the passionfruit just blowing them out of the water.

Of course they are a real treat, a luxury perhaps. A box of 7 costs £16 meaning each macaroon sets you back £2.28. I'm contradicting myself rather here by saying so but when you think about the hard work that goes into making the macarons, it's good value. The packaging is beautiful, and delicately wrapped in front of you - making the perfect present.

The boutique is currently decorated for Spring, it's full of colour which is also reflected in the rainbow of macarons. I get the impression that the window display is constantly changing, and I'll be popping back to see what springs up for Easter. The owner Reshmi Bennett trained in Paris at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi. Reshmi herself was serving and all of the staff were very friendly.

The Boy chose a cupcake which we took home with our goodies and I chose some s'mores for a friend. Unfortunately there's no seating to eat or drink in, but it's nice to have a wander around the wonderful streets of Kensington laiden with coffee and macarons. If it was only a little warmer I would have turned the whole occasion into a lovely picnic.

The coffee was lovely, I hear it's Parisian roasted, and award winning I believe. I went for a cappucino and The Boy went for an Americano. You'll probably notice the coffee machine is quite a beast! Then we went a wandering.. but that's a story for another blogpost.

If it's macarons you're looking for head down to Anges de Sucre when you're next in Kensington - you'll be in for a treat. In the mean time you can find out more & order online here.

Until next time, x


  1. Looks delish! We were staying just east of here during our time in London. I wish I had known it existed. I guess I have my first destination for our next visit to London!

    1. Oooh lovely. It's one I literally just stumbled across via Instagram. There's always next time ;-)

  2. Wow this place looks absolutely stunning!

    I love the idea of lavender as a flavour but unfortunately I don't like the reality so much :( I tried some lavender chocolate recently and it did taste a little like I was chewing on a lavender bush ... gutted!

    The rose sounds lovely though, that's definitely the one I would have gone for!


    1. It's lovely, you know when you're not quite sure how you've not heard of a place before!

      Haha I know what you mean, I find that with Rose sometimes. But the flavours were quite subtle. There's plenty of other wonderful flavours to choose from too. Xx

  3. Just found your blog. We don't blog in common, apart from the London bit, but I've needed your blog in the past looking for unusual lovely places in London to take my family for food treats. Last year we were desperately looking for reasonbly priced afternoon tea to celebrate my daughter's 15th birthday. This year I'd like to take her again, perhaps with friends. She likes very quirky. I like very reasonably priced. Any ideas?

    1. Hey Katharine, thanks for commenting :-) Let me think.. In terms of quirky I'd say something along the lines of the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tea at One Aldwych.

      However there's plenty of very reasonably priced Afternoon Teas such as The Gallery Mess at the Saatchi Gallery, Bake-a-Boo, Orange Pekoe in Barnes, Bea's of Bloomsbury.

      If you could get away with 'just' tea & cake I'd say Peggy Porschen. It's one of my favourites for cupcakes, and a very girly boutique. Just let me know if you need any more thoughts..

  4. What an amazing looking place! I'll be going the next time I'm in the area!


    1. Yes do! It's lovely. Thank you for commenting. Do you get to visit London often? I've come across some lovely tea places in Cardiff.. I'm yet to visit Pettigrew Tea Rooms though. It's on my list! X

  5. Ooooh delicious - and so pretty!

  6. Nice review. They look so pretty! I find that I usually have to like the look of a sweet or any other food before I eat it, especially if they're sweets. That's probably what I like the most about macarons.


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