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London Grace | Nails & Coffee

Beauty blogger I definitely am not, but tea, cake & a manicure? Well you definitely can't go wrong. London Grace is a new nail bar, cafe and bar in Putney. The Founder is Kirsten Hazell who had a vision to create 'a nail bar with quality products, convenient hours and speedy treatments'. And that she certainly has done. Let me explain...

London Grace opened just about a month ago and their motto is 'No nonsense nails'. 'We only offer services we believe create lovely looking and healthy nails. You won’t see anything that involves excess cuticle cutting, abrasive filing or fakery such as extensions'. This means you won't find that unpleasant chemical smell in this nail bar (thank goodness)! London Grace have their own range of 'formaldehyde-free nail lacquers'. Treatments are explained here as is the time each treatment will take.

'I'll have a cappucino with that please..'

It's the perfect place to come, meet friends and have your nails done, with a coffee (in the other hand) or maybe a glass of bubbles. 'Catching up with friends, a glass of wine and a good-looking set of nails are amongst the best things in life, which is why we’ve brought them all together'. This is why this place is different - you can just relax and enjoy. Turning having your nails done into more of a social occasion, not the conveyor belt system you may find in other places. 

I had a great feel for the place - there's a real positive vibe. Everyone is friendly and professional.  From the moment you walk in, and someone offers to take your coat. The ethos behind each aspect of the business got me smiling. Kirsten has named the colours of her first range of London Grace lacquers after the people who helped her get the nail bar up and running, isn't that cute? Just like the acknowledgements of a book.

You can book appointments online with the nail technician of your choice, and pay by card. Two aspects that to me are a huge advantage. Walk in appointments are also available but it's definitely best to book to avoid disappointment or waiting, but of course the wait won't be too disappointing when you have a glass of wine in hand! There are lots of offers available such as 'lacquer and liquor' which is a free glass of wine with any 'top notch' treatment between 5 & 6pm.

It's quite easy to mistake London Grace for a coffee shop, with the large La Marzocco coffee machine upon the counter and that's just fine as your most welcome to sip a coffee minus the mani. You can take away too. The Ozone coffee beans are ground in Shoreditch, the Sipsmith liquors are distilled in Chiswick and this support of local independent companies is also something I respect. Oh and they serve teapigs, need I say more? Food and drink aside I'd better start talking about the manicure soon hadn't I?!

The nail technicians bring a lovely basket to the table, and everything is highly organised. I had Fabiana who was lovely, her attention to detail was just brilliant. I was probably a little awkward and requested a french manicure which now I'm writing this I'm thinking maybe this doesn't fit in with the 'no nonsense nails' but it was no problem at all. I paid £5 extra for the French manicure as of course it takes longer. We made conversation most of the time, and I felt really comfortable chattering away. It really did make the whole experience much nicer. We spoke about what a lovely place London Grace is, and I felt it was a pleasure for her to work here.


As for the interior it's fresh and modern, every detail has been thought through carefully. It's a nice space to be in, it doesn't smell unpleasant and it isn't stuffy. There's plenty of room, so Mummy's can come with their buggies and relax. You can also make group bookings and also hire out the Grace Space party room (downstairs). Now there's an idea..

London Grace is open from 9am - 9pm (Mon - Weds), 9am - 10pm (Thurs - Sat) and 10am - 4pm (Sun) the hours are longer than your average nail salon. It's perfect for those working long hours, and also for starting your night out in style. Be sure to check their website which you can find here.

And here's my beautiful manicure. Great work, London Grace. I'll definitely be back.


  1. Nails and coffee? Sounds perfect to me! Do they do pedis as well?

    1. It's great. Yes they do do pedis. (Oops I didn't mention that did I)?!

  2. Wow this place looks absolutely amazing .... it needs to be moved to Newcastle immediately!

    Chloe x

    1. Haha, Chloe I'm sorry I think it's staying in SW London ;)

  3. Sounds like a lovely luxurious treat :)

  4. I've walked past London Grace and been very curious. I'm glad it's as great an experience as the cool decorations suggest...

    1. Yes definitely Elle, you should check it out. Especially if your local.. and even if your not.
      Thanks for commenting :-)


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