Tuesday, 20 January 2015

teapigs #matchachallenge | review

Well that's it. My matcha challenge has come to and end. 14 days of matcha. It was all thanks to teapigs who created the #matchachallange and requested bloggers to review the product. You can read my introductionary post here.

Over the past 2 weeks I've tried the matcha in quite a few different forms:

  • matcha latte made with almond milk
  • teapigs matcha green tea drinks (found in the chiller at health food stores)
  • matcha mixed with coconut water 
  • matcha shots - with orange juice and just with water.
  • matcha mixed with fruit, yoghurt and honey
I've found the flavour of matcha quite interesting, it's definitely not my favourite. I still can't quite put my finger on it. I have to be honest I have been trying to disguise the flavour.

Matcha provides lots of health benefits so it's got to be worth a shot right? (excuse the pun, there were plenty of those).

My favourite matcha concoction that I made was either the matcha latte or the matcha drink with coconut water. I'll be on the search for professionally made matcha lattes, which I know you can find in some coffee shops in London. So if you have any recommendations please do let me know. I quite enjoyed the flavour of it mixed in my yoghurt with blueberries and banana, but some how it didn't look very appealing.. (sorry I didn't include a photo of green yoghurt)!

So how am I feeling? Generally I feel I do have more energy. Not loads loads more, but definitely a little more. I have to say I've not been strict in terms of having the matcha at the same time each day. I'm not sure if this would have given a slightly different effect. For example if I kick started my morning with a matcha shot every morning. Also I started the matcha challenge when very tired (jet lagged), so it probably gave me a real boost when I really needed it.

Equally I haven't cut out coffee or tea (and I am quite a tea drinker), so I haven't removed other forms of caffeine from my daily life. I am however very pleased with the effects the #matchachallenge and enjoyed starting the new year with a type of Detox. It's a refreshing way to start 2015 and it's inspired me to try and become a little bit more healthy.

I will definitely buy these tea pigs premixed mactha drinks again, as I thought the elderflower flavour complimented the matcha flavour well. I'd be intrigued to try the others. *pops off to health food shop*

I'll be continuing with the matcha that is still left (teapigs sent me a 30g tin of matcha green tea), which is quite a generous amount. There's still plenty left, therefore I will keep going with the challenge.

Thank you to the lovlies at teapigs for sending me the 'modern matcha kit'. You can find teapigs matcha range here and until the end of January you can get 20% off all matcha products using the code MATCHA15.



  1. YumChaa does Matcha Cappuncinos :)

    1. Ooh thank you Emma.. I need to go on a matcha mission as Yannick also informed me about Curators Coffee who serve Matcha Lattes. Have a lovely weekend x


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