Sunday, 23 November 2014

The week that was..

This week I've been rather busy at work, so when I've got home I've snuggled up on the sofa and not really moved very far. I think it's what those dark evenings do to you. And I've noticed this week it's also dark when I leave the house (a little before 7am), which makes it harder. Winter is definitely upon us now. However I like Winter. I like those crisp, cold mornings, when the sun makes just a little appearance. Anything but a day like today, where it doesn't stop raining, and I almost feel like going into Hibernation.

This week I've mainly been..

Watching: The Missing from BBC1 - my goodness if you haven't watched this you must. We caught up with the first 3 episodes in two sittings. The subject matter is hard going - a little boy goes missing whilst on holiday in France. It literally gives me goosebumps every episode, but it's well worth a watch. Episode 5 airs on Tuesday (25th November) at 9pm.

Eating: Macaroons - last Saturday I took part in a Macaroons & Mews tour which you can read more about here. It was a fine day, apart from a little tiny shower. So I'm definitely not letting the wintery weather put me off. I still love to explore London, it's just an excuse to wrap up warm and enjoy a cup of tea or maybe a mulled wine somewhere along the way.

Getting lost: On Pinterest - I could quite happily spend my days looking at Pinterest for inspiration for places to travel, outfits, the home.. the list goes on. And on. I also find lots of lovely activity ideas for the children on Pinterest.

Reading: I've taken up an interest in reading again. Or I really am trying to, I just quite often don't have the time to read. But to encourage me I've picked up a book from the library. Perhaps with a time scale I will get a wiggle on. I chose The Husbands Secret, I've heard good things about it, so I'm looking foward to finding out what it's all about.

Drinking: More and more cups of tea. Once again related to the long nights, I seem to be craving a cup of tea in the evenings. I think it's that warmth - the hug in a mug affect.

Baking: Fairy cakes & banana loaf have been baking this week. I do really enjoy baking, especially with the children. So I'm always on the look out for lovely recipes to try out with them. Hello again, Pinterest!

Eating: Again. Oops. Last night saw me hosting a cheese & wine night - so I was mainly feasting on savoury delights.

Planning: I'm desperately trying to plan some more 'Wandering London' posts.. I'm keen to get walking and spot some of the beautifully decorated Paddington Bears that currently adorn the city. So far I've bumped into 3 Paddington Bears, and I'd like to see more before they are autction off for charity. Currently you'll also find buses around London too. They make up the Year of the Bus Sculpture Trails. This is why I love London - there's always something new popping up. I was glad to fit in a visit to the Tower Poppies before they disappeared, but sad to not have squeezed in another visit. I also need to get planning for next year, some weekends away and travel plans would be lovely. It's always good to have something to look forward to after Christmas.

Online shopping: I've been trying to crack on with the Christmas shopping, so far it's been pretty productive and I've had quite a few parcels arriving in the post. The friendly chaps at VoucherCloud made me aware of their Christmas Shopping Guide which tells you the last days which stores will deliver on. Check it out here.

As the Christmas season begins I've found my diary getting rather full, so there will be a few more things to blog about before the year is over. Until next time.. X



  1. I love My Husbands Secret when I read it. Hope you enjoy it to

    1. I'm awful, I didn't start it and my 2 weeks was up! I've asked for it for Christmas though, may get some books read over the holiday!


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