Sunday, 16 November 2014

Macaroons & Mews | Wandering London

Yesterday was a Macaroon kind of day, I'd learnt about the 'Macaroons & Mews' tour from the lovely London Kiwi Emma who I'd met previously at a #LDNBloggersTea. I think she just knew it would be up my street. And it most certainly was. A friend and I hastily booked onto the tour.

A walking tour hosted by Yannick Pucci who is a Tour Guide originally from Luxemburg. Yannick evidently has a real passion for London. His Macaroons and Mews Tour will take you away from the hustle and bustle of Hyde Park Corner and Brompton Road, to almost a different world. The Mews that lay behind the ginormous houses are full of charm, very quaint and almost eerily quiet.

Yannick has researched every aspect of the tour, from the Mews you wander between, to significant buildings you'll pass and all about the macaroon. I have definitely learnt a lot. Did you know there's a hidden river beneath Belgravia for example?

You will meet at The Lanesborough Hotel on Hyde Park Corner, which is currently going a huge refurbishment. It will reopen in 2015. I couldn't resist a photo of this cute sign informing us of the grand refinement. It is a perfect spot to start the tour, as within minutes you realise how quiet the beautiful Mews just behind Hyde Park Corner really are. Pastel houses and perfectly kept window boxes. One can only dream. 

Down the quiet streets you'll find quaint little pubs which you never even knew existed. As well as lovely independent shops. Yannick will fill you in on the history of the area. It's incredible to think how times have changed. The Mews are charming and at times silent. You may feel like you're sneaking around a little, but I think that's part of the fun of it, to be honest.

Sooner or later you'll stumble upon your first Macaroon tasting, at a lovely little boutique shop.  Be prepared for plenty of walking and wear comfy shoes as you will spend the afternoon on your feet. You have to walk all those macaroons off at some point! Whilst I could happily stand admiring the glass cabinets adorned with wonderful looking macaroons I had to start being decisive and this was my first and quite possibly one of my favourites.

And then things speed up a little on the macaroon front, you probably won't have eaten as many macaroons in such a short space of time before.. or maybe you have?

You'll find varying flavours of macaroons at the tour goes on, you'll also find different shapes and sizes. However, I'm sure your favourite will become clear.

I'm not going to disclose too much more information as it will ruin the whole experience for you. But if you are true macaroon fan you may recognise some of the macaroons in my photos. I have 2 firm favourites, but I will also keep that hush hush. You can however read more about the tour on Yannick's blog here.

The tour costs £20. It is incredibly well priced, and great value for money. It includes 5, yes five macaroon tastings, and 2 and a half hours of tour. You will learn an awful lot. It can be booked through Eventbrite. Yannick's next Macaroons & Mews tour takes place on Saturday 18th January - what a perfect Christmas present.


  1. This looks amazing! I would love to live in a mews - they're so beautiful and those macaroons are so pretty. How have I not heard about this tour before? Definitely going to get myself booked on one soon! x

    1. Ooh me too! I can only dream. I hadn't until the lovely Emma (who has commented below) told me about it. Oh the power of Twitter :-) You should, the next one is in January. Xx

  2. I'm SO glad you enjoyed it - it's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon isn't it!

    1. Yes thank you Emma, it really was!! Oh how I love macaroons. Xx

  3. I have booked for January can't wait


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