Wednesday, 8 October 2014

#TowerPoppies | Wandering London

Sometimes there's a silence. I inadvertently take a break from blogging. I really don't mean to. I always feel like I have something to say or share. Sometimes I guess life gets in way.  Other things are happening, which means I don't always get the chance to finish and publish my posts. I'm one of these people that has lots of draft posts sat waiting to reach people. 

A few weekends ago was the first for a while that I've spent entirely at home in London without too much planned. I've been travelling here there and everywhere recently with weekends Cornwall, Dorset and Devon, which I will get around to sharing with you.

It's been lovely, the Summer has flown by, and having been away lots I've not really had the chance to enjoy London as much as I would have liked. There's always so much to see, even four years after moving here, it's great to play tourist in your own city. I had my Dad visiting this weekend which meant time showing off London to him.

We've been to the Tower of London before, but currently with the installation of ceramic poppies created by Paul Cummins the crowds are certainly flocking to this landmark.

'Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red' marks the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War and contains 888,246 poppies. I hadn't quite comprehended the sheer volume of the poppies. The impact is incredible, the crowds of people with cameras capturing the sight is something I can't easily forget. 

I'm definitely considering buying a poppy, and supporting six service charities including Help for Heroes. Find out more here

Lest we Forget.

Next we wandered around to St Katherine's Dock where we found the Classic Boat Festival happening, I knew the Gloriana was moored and I knew my Dad would enjoy looking at the boats. If you happen to end up in this area please visit White Mulberries, it's lovely Coffee Shop with stunning views of St Katherine's Dock. We ended up having lunch at the Slug & Lettuce as White Mulberries was looking rather busy when we popped in. 

Just wanted to share this London Loveliness with you.

Until next time. x


  1. The poppies are stunning aren't they? I saw them from the Shard and was amazed. I've bought one for my husband in memory of his great uncle who died at Sanctuary Wood. Well worth it I think x

    1. Yes, I was so overwhelmed. The volume is amazing. Oh that's lovely, definitely and very thoughtful of you. I may have to buy one too. X

  2. Gorgeous shots of the poppies, such an amazing commemoration.


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