Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Hot Pink Grill, Wimbledon

I wouldn't usaully write a post about a 'burger joint' but this isn't any old 'burger joint' - Hot Pink Grill is 'your healthier grill'. The Boy and I decided to go on Friday night after work. We were keen to try Hot Pink Grill as it's a relatively new addition to Wimbledon.

There's a lot of choice for Vegetarians which always goes down well in my book. We started with Grilled Halloumi Cubes - no photos I'm afraid. We tucked in quicker than you could actually say Grilled Halloumi Cubes! The halloumi was served with a sauce of your choice we went for the Spicy Pink sauce. We also got some large juicy olives.

I chose the falafel burger in a wholemeal bap - with tomato, cucumber and houmous, it was a good combination. It contained a rather spicy sauce, which is one to be aware of if your not a fan of hot food.  I chose a  side of sweet potato wedges, I just can't resist sweet potatoes. These are chunky with the skins on and amazing - not greasy at all as they are roasted. There's definitely something to say about eating healthier, especially when eating out. The Boy went for the Hot Pink Burger  - a classic beef burger, which you can see in the background. He said it was perfection, to accompany he had skin on fries.


I really enjoyed my meal - from start to finish. To drink I had a skinny slushie - virgin mango margarita, which I'm told is 2 of your 5 a day, and by far their most popular slushie. This was amazing! I don't think I've ever enjoyed a (non alcoholic) drink quite so much.  I didn't have room for pudding, which is rare.  I didn't feel uncomfortably full, which I probably would be having eaten this volume of food usually. It's so refreshing to have something healthier whilst out. There's also a lot of choice, meaning you can visit time and time again and keep having something new.

Since my visit  I've seen pictures of their Halloumi & 7 veg stacker which I just have to return for. I've picked up my loyalty card, so I will definitely be back. Another little encouragement to return - rewards for future visits :-) 

The ethos behind Hot Pink Grill is something which they should be proud of. The meat and fish is sourced with thought, so to speak. The meat is 'Red Tractor' approved and fish comes from sustainable sources. Not only that but you'll find 3 vegetarian choices for your main. They are also hot on recycling. Healthy, friendly food I'd say. Spot on.

Thank you to the lovely service from the team at Hot Pink Grill.


  1. Sounds scrummy - and ooooh sweet potato chips, I could write a sonnet to them!

    1. Ohh yes, and these were particularly amazing!

  2. It looks good and considering there's more then 1veggie option definitely a place I would have wanted to visit.

    1. Really good to see lots of choice for veggies!! Hope the traveling is still treating you well Jenna.


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