Sunday, 19 October 2014

Brunch at No 32 The Old Town

It's been a while since I did a brunch post, and a couple of weekends ago saw me taking The Boy to the No 32 The Old Town. A new (well undiscovered, by me) place for Brunch. You'll find it at No 32 The Old Town, funnily enough. 32 The Pavement, Clapham Common. I do love Clapham Common is bursting with lots of wonderful foodie places and one of my favourite shops - Oliver Bonas.

I rediscovered this place via and their article 5 of the best for breakfast in Clapham & Battersea which you can read here. No 32. Old town used to be The Frog, I'd been to The Frog for dinner a few times and just for drinks too. It seemed nice, and very popular.  It's been freshened up and is looking good.

As you walk in there is a rather spacious bar in the centre surrounded by tables. Towards the back you'll find the open plan kitchen, where you can see the chefs at work (I love this).  We wandered upstairs and checked it out, there's a cosy area which I'd say was better for drinking rather than eating. There's also terrace which looked lovely - perfect for Summer drinks, but perhaps not so much now we're creeping into Autumn. So we popped back downstairs and took a seat at the end of the large table so I could watch the chefs.

We were brought glasses, and swiftly poured water with cucumber in, which always gives it a lovely taste. Being given water right away is a simple thing to do, but I think it really makes a difference to the experience. Something to sip on whilst you peruse the menu, you haven't had to ask for it. And the cucumber just does it for me. It adds such freshness to the water, if that makes any sense at all.

 We ordered an americano and a cappuccino, and then the blueberry pancakes and a full English (check wording on menu) which went down very well. I loved the look of the pancakes, presented in an enamel tin dish, with my blueberry pancakes, maple syrup and mascarpone. 

 I enjoyed my pancakes, I have to be honest they weren't the best I've ever tasted, but they were good. The presentation won it over for me. We ordered a second hot drink (tea for me this time around), and casually finished our brunch.

The Boy's breakfast came very well presented too. And he said it was one of the best breakfasts he's had in a long time. I have to say the sausages smelt amazing and that's coming from a veggie! That's quality meat for you I think. 

Service & Overall 
The service was great, the staff serving us were friendly and attentive without being too much so, they checked on us at good times. And noticed when our drinks were getting close to empty.Overall a very good experience of what is now No. 32. I'd recommend.
Have you been?


  1. Sorry, I'm probably going to start bombarding your blog with comments now. I've only just discovered it and I'm loving it! Although I am a little gutted that I used to live in SW London and now I'm reading about all these great places now I've relocated.

    Luckily my sister still lives in London, near Clapham South so next time I visit her I could SO go here for brunch :) Thanks for the recommendation.

    I need to catch up with your ENTIRE blog now to see what else I'm missing out on .... then I need to plan more trips to London next year.

    Chloe x

  2. Hi Chloe, thanks for commenting. It's so nice to hear from new readers, and I'm glad you've enjoyed it so much.
    Such a shame that you moved away but I guess there will be a long list for your next visit.
    Am off to check out your blog now.

    Sarah x


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