Sunday, 17 August 2014

River Feast | Power of Summer | Battersea Power Station

I've longingly followed @StreetFeastLDN on twitter, admiring the street food markets in Dalston but sadly never quite making the journey (it’s a tad over an hour from my little corner) across London to visit it. What nonsense. I could just jump on the Overground at Clapham Junction and be done with it..

Anyway, that was until I read about the Power of Summer – a pop up at Battersea Power Station, the last chance you’ll get to visit the Power Station before it’s huge regeneration project commences. Running until Sunday 31st August, so you'll have to get in there quickly.

You find Everyman Cinemas hosting a (small) big screen with movies showing across the summer, and then  alongside the RiverFeast as it likes to be known. Think market style food stalls, pop up bars, shipping containers and tables made from old pallets and you’ll be on the right sort of track. Open from Thursday - Sunday, with differing prices - you can get in for free if you go early enough on Thursday or Friday evening, by early I'm talking pre-6pm. However for the overall experience and eating & drinking purposes I suggest you part with the extra £5 pounds and stay to enjoy the sunset, music and company. Saturday and Sunday is £5 pounds standard. But you can pre-book to save yourself a pound.

We had a little wander and eyed up the street food available. We started with Ceviche (something new to me) by Aji Ceviche– I had a rather tasty vegetarian version of the Peruvian street food, which traditionally, I believe, ‘cooks’ it’s fish in acid such as lemon juice. Well – you learn something new everyday! 
This was a perfect starter – a quinoa based ‘salad’ sweet potato and avocado. (£5)

Next it was time for a drink, so we headed up the stairs to the Rum Rooftop which offered some rather tasty cocktails, including cocktails served in pineapples and even the ultimate cocktail served in a watermelon. However this was for 4 people and we were only 2, so it did seem a little extravagant, and not the most sensible of ideas! So we opted for a classic rum cocktail each coming in at £8.

Once we’d admired the view and sipped at our cocktails we went back down stairs to find more food. I went for pizza from Born & Raised.  That's artisan pizza baked in the back of a Land Rover Defender, how cool. And equally as yummy. In fact my tummy is nearly rumbling at the thought of it. If my memory serves me correctly the pizza was £5. I teamed this with a glass of Prosecco which just worked so well.

In terms of food that was me done, I was stuffed. There were however a few options for dessert if you fancied.  An Earl Grey ice lolly for example. Then there was time for soaking in the atmosphere and admiring the quirky design, it's most probably the last time you'll be able to do this before the building works commence.

I can only recommend a visit to RiverFeast before it closes at the end of August - it's a good evening out, a different kind of dining experience and a great oppourtunity to try new things.

Until next time. X

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