Sunday, 3 August 2014

Mayfield Lavender Field, Surrey

Last year I visited Mayfield Lavender Field over the August Bank Holiday, which meant the lavender was quite late in it's season.. I had a lovely day and wrote about it here, plus lots of pictures of the products I bought.

You'd never believe less than 20 miles from Central London you can find such a tranquil place.

This year however visiting practically a month earlier there was much more colour to the field. Now I'm not sure if Mayfield Lavender has soared in popularity or whether it was just quiet last year when I visited, but there were a lot of cars (and therefore people) visiting. I would say double the amount of cars were there this time in comparison to last year.

You now have to pay £2 for parking, which you can claim back at the Shop or Cafe if you spend over £5, which you will. The shop is very reasonably priced, I came home with lots of goodies: a large bunch of fresh lavender, a bottle of lavender lemonade, 3 lavender bags,  a packet of lavender shortbread and a purple Mayfield Lavender Jute bag (you'll see me coming with that one). All of which came to £14.30 very impressive. My friend also picked up a lavender scone for me, which was a lovely post-lavender-field-walk refreshment with plenty of jam & butter (unfortunately I had no clotted cream)!

Mayfield Lavender is a lovely place to visit, you could easily spend a good few hours just wandering amongst the lavender.

I used this opportunity to have a play with the SLR - to try and create some shots using the  macro setting for example. there's a lot more for me to learn when it comes to using it. But I'm quite pleased with the photos I got. What do you think?

You'll find lots of bumble bees buzzing around, and the odd butterfly.

Bunches of lavender ready to be sold in the shop.

Adjacent to the shop you'll find a little cafe selling all sorts of lavender based refreshments including lavender tea, lavender cupcakes and lavender lemonade. There's plenty of seating or you could always picnic amongst the lavender.

You may have gathered I have a slight obsession with lavender, I'm not quite sure what it is, but I do just love it. 

There's also an online shop, which will come in handy when you run  out of lavender oil.
Find out more at their website or via Twitter

Until next time. 

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