Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Jersey: My Personal Top 10

Hopefully seen some of my favourite photos from my recent trip to Jersey, if not check it out here. Now I'd like to present to you My Personal Top 10, by no means is it a definitive list - infact it probably could have gone on a lot longer, and as always there's still more I'd like to do. So in no particular order..

1.     Visit as many beaches as physically possible. My favourite beaches are probably Portelet Bay in the South and Plémont in the North.

2.     Visit quaint little harbour towns/villages. I loved Gorey and Rozel.

3.     Visit Jersey Lavender, we stayed for the distillery tour and certainly learnt a lot.

4.     Eat (at least one) Jersey Cream Tea.  There will be more about this soon.

5.     Ditto Real Jersey Ice Cream. Look at the size of that - there's definitely no scrimping when it comes to these "99's". 

6.     Find some Jersey cows to photograph. Aren't they just adorable? We found these just a short walk from our Bed & Breakfast.

7.     Visit La Mare Wine Estate, take a tour and sample their wine, cider, brandy cream and chocolate. We learnt loads about the wine making process.

8.    A walk out Corbière Lighthouse. You can walk through the rugged rocks and out to the lighthouse at low-tide.

9.     Enjoy Fish & chips or Seafood from local waters. For me this entailed trying Mussles for the first time, cleverly paired with a glass of Prosecco.

10.  Sample and of course buy some ‘Jersey Black Butter’. There’s no butter in this butter! You’ll probably have had plenty of butter and cream with all those scones. Black Butter is a preserve described as 'Christmas in a jar'.
Okay so I’ve been a bit cheeky and squeezed in a lot of things in my top 10. There’s plenty to do in Jersey, you really won’t have time to read a book (like I’d planned to) if you venture out each day. The beauty of Jersey is that the island is small meaning you can see lots in one day. Just by following the coastal roads you’ll stumble across a beach or harbour to wander down to. I'd also like to recommend Jane James Ceramics and Gifts in Gorey and The Harbour Gallery, St. Aubin. (Sneaky, sneaky, I know that's technically 12).

There’s rather a few things we didn’t get to do for example a visit to Elizabeth Castle near St Helier, The Jersey War Tunnels and Gorey Castle, which I’ve heard are all well worth visiting too! We'd also wondered about taking the Ferry to Saint Malo, France, but we were just having too much fun in Jersey. I really fell in love with Jersey. I love the boats, the sea, the beaches, the way of life. I'll be back.. sigh.


  1. Great top 10! And lovely photos

    1. Thank you Yvonne, just about to check out your page :)


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