Saturday, 23 August 2014

Jersey: Cream Teas

Here we have my third installment of posts from my recent visit to Jersey. The others have been general focusing on my favourite photos from the trip and my Top 10 things to do. But now we'll look at the tradition that is Cream Tea.

You'll most probably have noticed by now I have quite a sweet tooth, I just can't say no to Afternoon Tea and/or scones smothered in plenty of clotted cream. I didn't realise quite how much I'd fit in, in Jersey, it seems all the Jersarians (yes, I may have just made that up, perhaps I should call them Islanders) also share my love.  Rightly so with the Jersey herd of cows producing such fine milk, and therefore cream.

You'll find plenty of signs advertising Jersey Cream Teas.. 

Cafe Louise, Gorey.
Quirky Afternoon Tea sign at The Hungry Man, Rozel Harbour
The Rozel Bay Tea Room looked like the perfect place to partake in Afternoon Tea, however we only stopped for lunch. There's always next time, right? In fact there's plenty of places I'd like to visit next time, so there has to be a next time.

Forget dainty scones like those you'd find on your typical Afternoon Tea stand. The ones we are probably most familiar with. Instead think large, hefty scones which will fill you up for hours. Think homemade and served with a large pot of tea, plenty of jam or black butter, clotted cream and butter!

 Jersey cream tea at Cafe Louise, Gorey.
 (Not quite sure what's going on with the cream)
Jersey Cream Tea at Plemont Beach Cafe - Tea with a view.
It's only since returning that I've discovered this is how the 'Jersarians' do it.. Thanks to Pure Jesery brochure (which I left at home during our trip, how daft). Order yours here.

So here we are - this opens up a whole debate every time doesn't it? The Great Scone Debate.
A Jersey cream tea seems to be following the Cornish way of doing things, by putting the jam first and then the (it has to be clotted) Cream.

There's something unnatural about this to me.. I have to say I'm in support of the Devonians here.Cream then jam. And then there's the matter of butter - each of my Jersey Cream teas came with at least 2 portions of Jersey butter. I honestly feel if you do it the right way the cream acts as a butter and therefore you don't need to add any more calories. Ahem - there's probably enough already.

However I'm with them on the depth 2.8cm seems like a decent sized scone to me, it seems minutures will not be accepted in Jersey.

How do you like yours? Are you with the 'Jersarians' & Cornish or do you do it the Devonshire way?



  1. I I'm back in Jersey at the moment and remembered you'd wanted tips, but it seems like you found your way around more than ok! Looks like you had a great time, and delicious time!! xx

  2. Hi Meg, don't worry at all! You sound like you've been ever so busy, hope you've had a lovely time. I really really enjoyed Jersey, it's just lovely isn't it?! Xx

  3. Oh no, I'm Jam first ALLL the way :D

    1. Oh Emma! I love how everyone has their different ways of doing it.


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