Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Up & Down

Back in June I took the children I look after to see Up and Down, an adaption of Oliver Jeffers book, (yes I really do have the best job)! The show was presented by The Gaga Theatre. We headed to the HMV Curzon in Richmond, yes a cinema. There's a small stage, a limited amount of scenery and boxes of props, which also became features of the story, for example an aeroplane. 
 The story was beautifully told, just 2 actors portrayed the story of the Boy and the Penguin. There was a large amount of audience participation; we answered questions, passed a parachute above our heads, directed the characters towards the zoo, and made some quite fantastic aeroplane noise. Keeping the children quite literally on the edge of their seats and very entertained at all times.
Illustrations from the book were projected on to the cinema screen. This was enough to capture me, for I love the illustrations that Oliver Jeffers creates. The simplicity of the whole show is incredible, much like Jeffers' minimalistic drawings. Simply beautiful. 

I love the stories of Lost & Found, The Long Way Home, Up & Down and How to Catch a star.
I've never seen children quite so mesmerised before, there was an odd cry or two, but generally the whole cinema sat in awe. The little ones next to me were giggling away, and the other bouncing on my lap! It was truly amazing. Even I loved it! And 40 (short) minutes later we wanted to watch the whole thing over again.. 

Have you read any of the Oliver Jeffers books? 
Have you taken little people to the theatre?

*This is a slightly different kind of post from me today. But one I really wanted to share with you, sorry if it doesn't interest you as much as my regular tea, cake and coffee related posts.*

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