Friday, 11 July 2014

Random Wanderings & Wild Flowers

Sometimes I take things for granted. I saw this quote, and thought how true it is. So we strolled around our local area just for something to do. We had no real aim just to wander. (I'm going to keep this one short and sweet).

We started off with breakfast at 'Toast' which you'll find at 658 Garratt Lane, SW17. It was a good breakfast, very reasonably priced and satisfying. The weather was beautiful so we just wandered. Sometimes that's how life is best I feel. Just going with the day, following your nose so to speak. 

It was then we discovered Wildflowers at Garratt Green. It was so bright that I couldn't really see the photos that a was taking. But here's how the best ones came out.
Aren't these wild flowers just lovely?
We then wandered onto Belle Amie, a lovely independent cafe in Earlsfield. I opted for an iced coffee which is just lovely. We then continued wandering..

Summer days are just the best aren't they? How are you spending yours?


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