Saturday, 26 July 2014

Peggy Porschen

I'm running out of fingers to count the amount of times that I've visited Peggy Porschen. But I do just love it. The pastel pink cake boutique is located on the corner at 116 Ebury Street. Just a stones throw from London Victoria.

It was perfect for offering friends a post-coach journey beverage and wonderful cupcakes. Who in their right mind would refuse..?

After much dileberation we decided on sharing 4 cupcakes between the 3 of us. We are very indecisive at the best of times, but when there's so many yummy options. We went for 2 Strawberries & Cream cupcakes, 1 Banoffee and 1 Lemon, Raspberry & Rose.

Told you I was a little fond of an aerial photo at the moment, didn't I?
Drinks wise we chose a floral tea, a raspberry lemonade, and an iced coffee. All of this came to less than £22, which considering all that cake I think is pretty good.

As usual the service is good, despite our pondering the staff were very welcoming and friendly. We stayed and chatted over our drinks, once we'd finishing dividing our cupcakes between us. And then we stayed a little longer, this wasn't a problem at all.

I can't even decide which is my favourite cupcake, we started with the Strawberry & Cream, then the Raspberry, Lemon and Rose moving finally onto the Banoffee. I have to say, personally, I think we saved the best to last. The Banoffee cupcake, was bursting with flavour. Chocolate chips within the vanilla sponge took me by surprise as did the 'chunky banana jam'.  But the Strawberries and Cream was also rather special too. I was intrigued by the Raspberry, Lemon & Rose cupcake, the rose was very subtle and the cake was very zingy. Amazingly we each had our own favourites, neither of which were the same.

As I was preparing this blogpost, reminiscing through all my photos and doing research at the Peggy Porschen website. I discovered that 'All cupcakes are suitable for vegetarians, but not for Vegans and gluten allergy suffers'. which pleased me, being vegetarian. (Sorry to my lovely gluten-free readers, I think you know who you are). No sneaky animal derived ingredients in the fillings, cakes or glazes. Hoorah! There's also a detailed list of the ingredients, which means if you are intolerant to certain ingredients you can double check! 

There's something about Peggy Porschen, I think it will always hold a little place in my heart. The boutique (yes I agree, it's cute that they call it a boutique) has a lovely feeling about it. It's normally relatively quiet, and by that I mean not heaving with tourists. The cakes are delicious, always moist and an array of different flavours to sample too.

It started with a cupcake..

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