Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Ben does Brunch | Ben's Canteen, SW17

What better excuse to (re)visit Ben's Canteen, than when friends are staying. Chatting with the girls over brunch is quite possibly one of my favourite things to do. If only we lived closer together.

I visited Ben's Canteen shortly after it opened for cocktails and nibbles, which turned into the perfect date night - see here. But I was keen to revisit for Brunch. A not lazy sunday morning, we arrived at about 10.30am, seemingly a good time as we managed to get a table very easily - I was expecting a queue.

We were quickly seated and given our menus, and a vintage milk bottle of water. We ordered drinks 1 cup of tea and 2 cappuccinos - which arrived swiftly at our table. I'm loving the cute little milk bottle and an aerial shot or two at the moment.

There is a good choice of food, something to take everyones fancy I'd say. I have to say the 'Eggs Pig Out' made me chuckle, although being veggie not one I'd order. We ordered two Full Veggies at £9. And Eggs Benedict at £8, plus a 'brunch sharer' of hash browns (£4). Very soon after a little enamel dish with 3 chunky hash browns appeared. We were a bit baffled and I did query the waitress about whether our breakfasts were shortly behind. I think there had been a mix up, but we patiently waited for our played to arrive.

And here they are..

Full Veggie x 2 and an Eggs Benny.

We quickly tucked in, cue lots of mmmms.. And ooohs and aahhs ascended from the table.
On the plate you'll find - tomato, spinach, mushrooms, beans, toast and 2 eggs done 'your way'. My particular favourite were the mushrooms, which were so flavoursome. I think there was a bit of garlic in there? The spinach made for an exciting addition - something which I think I always overcook. This was perfect, and I loved the toast.
The Eggs Benedict also went down very well for my friend. We enjoyed a hash brown each, I think one each extra was more than enough, as they were pretty dense, and rather chunky.

Once we'd finished our plates were removed relatively quickly and then we were offered more tea or coffees. We politely declined and asked for the bill a little while later. Giving us time to have a post-brunch chatter before moving on.

When the bill arrived there was a deduction made due to 'customer unhappy with food'. I was pleasantly surprised to see this on the bill. I wasn't unhappy with it (at all), just baffled at the timing of the arrival of the hash browns. Here customer service prevailed, as I wasn't expecting the £4 to be removed.

I've learnt to try and 'speak up' if things aren't quite right when dining out. I've heard of far too many people complaining on TripAdvisor or perhaps even via their blogs, and I think it is only fair to complain/comment at the time. So the staff have chance to rectify the problem. So thank you for doing that lovely waitress, it wasn't expected and therefore very much appreciated.

Overall my experience of Ben's Canteen is great, I've throughly enjoyed both of my visits to the Earlsfield branch. I love the fact you can instagram your way to a free something or other. During brunch service it's a free Bloody Mary or Bloody Pointless(!) if you'd like it minus the vodka! It just shows these guys are up to date with their social media, which I'm sure you'll agree is great. Okay it's free advertising but so what in this day and age I don't see why more places aren't catching on. During my last visit I instagrammed my way to a free dessert. I think the customer service is very good and I will be returning, possibly for the pancakes which sound divine. Oh and cocktails, maybe not all at once.

Thank you for reading.. until next time. X


  1. Absolutely to all of the above!

  2. Thanks Emma, :-) do you ever make it to 'my corner' of London? There's another Ben's Canteen quite close to Clapham Junction too. X

    1. We tend to pop into the Clapham branch as it's a touch more central. It's so cute though!

    2. Yes, that's fair enough, the Earlsfield one only opened relatively recently. It made me think my blog is probably rather biased to South London. Will I see you at the next #LDNBloggersTea ?


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