Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Neom Organics | Review

Last weekend when I visited Bath I stumbled across a lovely little shops called Grasse - selling lots of beautiful things for the home. Sometimes I wish I had a little more courage to ask to take pictures of shops, and their beautiful displays, and then I would be able to share it with you.

Let me bring Neom to your attention. It's a brand that I've heard of but not purchased before. I knew it is cruelty free, which for me is a very good reason to buy it! (You'll soon hear me raving about cruelty free shopping). I picked up this Complete Bliss Moroccan Blush Rose Organic Room Mist. And then put it back again. I then nearly walked out of the shop, before turning around and picking it up again.

The lady who owns the shop then went on to tell me about Neom the brand, which was very informative. I knew that Neom is a cruelty free brand, and their packaging also states it's suitable for vegetarians. Although I wouldn't suggest eating it! However I think we're on the same wavelength here.

 In their own words they are "obsessed with getting you to reduce our chemical count. We'd strongly oppose synthetic scents and harsh ingredients..". I think this is great for every household, but in particular those with children or pets. In fact I went on to find out that the Neom products will actually have health benefits, and state 'treatments' for their products. Wow there's a whole new side of making your home smell nice...


I was instantly drawn to the rose (Moroccan Blush Rose) Room Mist, and soon after spotted the lavender too. I was told about the benefits of each, and considering this I opted for the Rose. It's great for lifting spirits and more importantly (at the moment) for hay-fever. Sold! Straight away. And so my room mist was being packed away into its lovely Neom white bag, and swiftly escorted to its new home. 

I've been sniffling and sneezing this week, as the pollen count is high. I suppose it's the perfect situation for trying out my new room mist. A fresh scent that fills the air, it starts with the Rose, and then I'm pretty sure I can get a waft of the pepper that is mentioned in the product description too. Now that it's settled I'm enjoying the Rose scent again. I'm certainly feeling good for spraying it. My spray will be taking pride of place next to my bed. 


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