Friday, 20 June 2014

Back in beautiful Bath

Last weekend whilst visiting friends in the local area we took a day trip to Bath, we'd decided we'd do something a little bit different and hire a boat for the day..

First we started off at The Cosy Club for breakfast! This is a recent find of mine, I was introduced to The Cosy Club last time I was in Bath. It's the perfect place for seemingly everything.. breakfast, lunch, tapas and cocktails. The list goes on. Most importantly it's great for catching up with friends.

There's a lack of photos because we were too busy tucking into the food. Oops. Now I shall let you into a little secret, we had breakfast pudding! Have you ever tried it? So that's a main breakfast to start with, think the Veggie Breakfast or Cosy Eggs Scrumptious. Followed by Breakfast pudding of PANCAKES with banana, blueberries and peach sauce. Perhaps somewhat greedy but shared between good friends, not bad at all. We were definitely set up for the day. :-)

We then headed to the Bath Boating Station where we hired a rowing boat and explored the canal. It was great fun, although having said that I sat and enjoyed the experience whilst the others rowed and steered the boat for me.

Watch out for plenty of geese and ducks on the river, also Hen parties which seemed to be in abundance. The ferry boats that suddenly appear will most probably fill the boat with a slight feeling of panic on your first encounter. 

At the other end you'll find Bathampton Mill eagerly awaiting. It's a beautiful pub, which has recently been refurbished due to previously flooding. 

We enjoyed drinks in the sun and then decided it was time to head back; time was ticking,(you are charged hourly for the boat hire). It was such a lovely way to spend a sunny June afternoon and I can only recommend if you want to do something a little bit different you should visit the Bath Boating Station.

On the way to the Boating place my friend and I spotted an old churchyard containing the ruins of St Mary's Church. On our way  back we decided to stop and have a wander. There are 21 points of particular interest (you will recognise some names). I found it intriguing and would like to think I got some good pictures.

Lately I've seen in Timeout magazine graveyard tours that you can do, and thought it sounded a little morbid/strange; this has swayed me. Perhaps a little visit to Highgate Cemetery isn't the most unlikely of activities now. 

Next we wandered back into Bath where we endorsed in a spot of retail therapy. Shopping in Bath isn't really something I'd usually blog about, but today I have a few special mentions. Firstly we came across a lovely little shop called Grasse on Argyle Street which stocks 'beautiful gifts for the home and garden'. Keep an eye out for my next blogpost to find out about my purchase.

It was then I spotted someone who walked past me with an Antropology bag, which reminded me the store must of now opened in Bath. So off we went to find it. Ahhh.. bliss. I could honestly spend my days in Anthropology. 

Bath just got even better.



  1. Wow, the Cosy Club sounds fabulous. I shall have to add it to my list!


    1. Ah yes, it's a great place Brian. I should have got more photos. It's right near the train station. Have you been to Colonna and Smalls in Bath?


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