Thursday, 22 May 2014

My week that was.

I've had a rather exciting week actually. It's been short, as I have Thursday and Friday off. But that's not the main reason it's been exciting. I've finally gotten around to sorting out my blog. Properly. 
 I've tried and tried to make it how I wanted it to look, but with no HTML knowledge, and not very much expertise on the computer I decided it was about time I did something about it. I've given in to myself. And that's when I came across Liz @violetposy, who really does know what she's doing. We've been exchanging emails, talking colour-coordination, design and now I've got something which I'm proud to say is my blog. I feel it looks a lot more sophisticated and professional. *happy Sarah*  What do you think? 

Last Saturday I attended my second #LDNBloggersTea which is an event I really enjoy, networking with other bloggers is amazing. I spend time reading about these people, and what they spend their time doing. And then get to meet them in person, it's a connection you can't quite imagine. It's strange, for want of a better word, because you feel like you know the person already. And then when you start chatting in person you feel like you really do.

Don't get me wrong walking into a room full of strangers is quite daunting. But much easier the second time around. I'm so glad I plucked up the courage to go that first time, as I feel it has now opened doors for me to meet people I would never have met otherwise. (I'm worried I'm sounding like some kind of romantic..)! It turns out that this was my sixth Afternoon Tea in as many months. You can read about that  habit here. In my post named 'I have a confession to make'.

So that's two things that have made me really enjoy my week. Along with endless singing of Frozen at work, and happy days with my two little people. Then we kick started our 5 day weekend with a trip to the newly opened Ben's Canteen in Earlsfield. You can have a little read about that right here.

What now..

It's not often I get time off and this time we've not planned to go away. Although we toyed with the idea of turning up at the airport and seeing where the next plane could take us.. Perhaps a little adventurous for us. In all honesty there's still a lot for me to do in the UK. An awful lot just in London actually. And Cardiff, and Bristol for that matter. You can take a little look at my Bucket list here. It's always increasing in size, I have various lists going on in notebooks, on my phone, and on random bits of paper. I do like a good list.

Plan - Cupcakes. At some point of the long weekend I think I need to partake in some cupcakes. Hummingbird Bakery Cupcakes are where my love of cupcakes began actually, so I'd like to reminisce a little..

There is now a sixth Hummingbird Bakery, which opened it's doors in Richmond back in February. Yes, I'm a bit late to that party! So I'm thinking I'd rather like to take a visit. they All I've got to do now is persuade The Boy it's a GOOD idea. I do like Richmond as there's a lovely villagey feel and something especially about being set on the river. Maybe we can even have a wander around the shops..

I also spotted the wonderful Chelsea flower themed cupcakes on offer at the Hummingbird Bakery between Tuesday 20th and Saturday 24th. Aren't they just the cutest? This is the main reason I want to return.

I've borrowed this picture from Vogue.
 Take a look at this Vogue article for more information.

Now on the flower theme I got rather excited and thought, 'ooh I've got time off, maybe I can get tickets'. Anyway I had a little look at tickets, it appears standard sort of tickets are sold out! But the Royal  Horticultural Society were ever so keen to try and sell me premium tickets for £400. I felt I'd better decline. However I am feeling the love for flowers at the moment, what with summer in the air and lots of inspiration over on Pinterest. Check out my boards here. On the ticket front I did manage to get 2for1 tickets for the Foodies Festival on Clapham Common in a few weeks. There's always next year for Chelsea Flower Show.. Wimbledon.. Glastonbury.. the list goes on!

For now, I'll leave you in peace. X


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