Friday, 23 May 2014

#LDNBloggersTea Take Two

Last weekend was my second #LDNBloggersTea. An afternoon full of bubbles, sandwiches and cake plus lots of chatter. Hosted by Selena from Oh, the places we will go this time around at The Milestone Hotel. A 5 star boutique hotel, just a short walk from High Street Kensington tube station.

I was greeted by a very friendly door man and then found my way into the private room which was allocated for us bloggers. I was swiftly given a glass of ice cold water - just what I needed as it was very hot outside and I'd been rushing a little. I hate to be late.

Soon we were given flutes of champagne, which was lovely too - very refreshing. I loved the glasses themselves, very pretty.

Soon after we were offered tea – either English Breakfast or Earl Grey. Then the tea stands were brought to the table closely followed by more plates of sandwiches, scones and desserts – there definitely wasn’t a shortage of food. 


As a vegetarian there was a separate portion of sandwiches, for myself and another fellow veggie blogger, although we were on separate tables, so we had to pass the plate between us. This didn’t quite work, individual plates would have been a lot better. I was pleasantly surprised to see some micro leaves garnishing the sandwiches, although I guess there were about 12 sandwiches crammed onto the plate, there was nothing too dainty about it otherwise. The sandwiches for me were good, I quite enjoyed them. There’s something about finger sandwiches.

I’d like to point out the round sandwiches, which were chicken rolled in nuts. Apparently the children of the founder of the Milestone Hotel always requested circular sandwiches, and that’s why they appear on the Afternoon Tea stand today. I like that – a little story behind it. A little more of this please?! However I can’t really comment on the ‘meaty’ sandwiches other than the looks of them.

Next we moved onto the scones, after us all pretty much in unison saying 'shall we..?'. The scones were pretty large and quite crunchy to bite into. I quite liked this for some reason. I went onto have two scones, one plain and one sultana. My only complaint here would be the size really – they weren’t very dainty. Also I wasn't quite sure what the jam was. It would have been nice to have a menu to refer back to. Maybe it's just me that does this?

All the while we were replenished with tea – which was rather good to see. We did have a few mishaps with lack of cream for our scones and milk, which were quickly refilled when we asked. The service was good, however I did notice we started off with 3 members of staff serving us, and the numbers diminished leaving one waiter alone to serve the whole room of 21 ladies. I could feel myself feeling a little sorry for him. But equally they knew we were coming. We ended up with a few half-filled cups of tea on our table, which meant we had to call the waiter back, as when he came back with a new pot of tea he went straight to another table. I also know there were a few issues with gluten free and dairy free food, which is such a shame.

Onto the sweet treats – I found the look of the top tier appealing, however my immediate reaction was that although there was lots and lots of different individual desserts, but not enough of each. For example there was only one or two red velvet muffins, and lemon meringue mille-feuille. In an ideal world I’d like to try a little of each of the desserts, even if it does mean sharing. However this just wasn’t possible between the 8 people on a table. I think less is more in some cases. As I mentioned earlier it would be e nice to have a copy of the menu to refer back to, I always like to refer back, and read about the desserts.


I tucked into a salted popcorn lolly with chocolate ganache in the middle, which was nice. Then I had a macaroon, which I have to say I didn’t particularly enjoy. And then I tried the carrot cake with pistachio icing, which was nice. This was all I really had room for, I’m not quite sure why I’d usually go to town on the top tier, and probably over indulge. However I think there was a general underwhelming feeling of on the table, so we stopped there.

Overall I had a lovely time at my second #LDNBloggersTea, it was a lovely afternoon. I think it's the little things that count when taking afternoon tea.. We were previously spoiled I think.  However I’m not sure I would recommend The Milestone in a hurry. Especially having noticed that Champagne Afternoon Tea would usually set you back £45. We were lucky enough to experience a discounted price.

Have you been to the Milestone Hotel? 
Have you had a better experience than us?



  1. Excellent review Sarah! It was exactly as you describe and although I enjoyed myself very much it was because of the company rather than the food I'm afraid! It was lovely to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again at the next tea. Sarah x

    1. Thank you, lovely to meet you too. Hopefully see you next time. X

  2. Your second and my first! :D It was lovely being in a room full of female bloggers and getting to know more about what people are reading and writing about. Would love to do more of these meetups.

    Champagne and Scones - Afternoon Tea At Milestone

    1. Hopefully see you again at the next Bianca. I was just browsing through your blog earlier actually, the Dubai post definitely caught my eye. I love it there. X

  3. It was so lovely to finally meet you Sarah! Great review, I didn't realise there was a story behind the little round sarnies; how cute is that. The next one we need to try and have a proper natter together x

    1. You too! Thank you, yes I think it was Selena that knew from her previous visit. I do like a little tale like that. Yes definitely, hopefully see you there. Xx


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