Saturday, 31 May 2014

Afternoon Tea at The Four Seasons Hotel.

Did you read my post about the confession I have to make..? For the past six months I've managed an Afternoon Tea a month. Although it's rather late, here's the April edition.

 We headed to the Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane. Afternoon Tea is served in The Amaranto Lounge. The lounge is a lovely airy space, we were sat right near the window looking out onto the garden, a perfect place to sit when the mercury is hitting 20° plus. 
We were given our menus, and a little time to decide whether we wanted the Traditional Afternoon Tea, Vegetarian or tea with Italian twist, La Dolce Vita. I opted for the vegetarian Afternoon Tea, served with a Lemongrass & Ginger Infused Tea. Something a little different from my usual choice, but I was having a real lemon and ginger phase at the time. I should add here that Amaranto has received the Tea Guild Award of Excellence twice now, in 2012 & 2013. *big thumbs up*

So without further ado, here's what it all looked like.. pretty colourful and tasty if you ask me.

Firstly we were faced with some dainty looking sandwiches, made with different types of bread - basil, caraway, brown and cranberry bread. I really enjoyed the cranberry bread. There was also a mini bruchetta. The fillings consisted of tomato and mozerella, free range egg, cream cheese & cucumber, roasted vegetable and pesto, and home picked vegetables. I really enjoyed the sandwiches - they were very fresh and it was really refreshing to have something a little bit different. I wonder why we don't see flavoured breads more often?

Next came the scones, a plentiful portion 8 small scones between two of us. Four plain and four sultana. The scones were very tasty but rather crumbly, I ended up making quite a mess - hence no pictures of them adorned with jam and cream.


 A huge plus point here was the individual portions of clotted cream, jam and chocolate looking spread. Take note other establishments hosting Afternoon Tea, please. This saved lots of 'can you pass me the..' and meant we could quietly get on with our scones. The amount of each was also generous, saving the slight embarassment of asking for more (which I often have to do). Having looked back at the menu I stand corrected - it was Manjari-Caramel Chocolate spread.   The jam was very flavoursome, and went perfectly with my large smootherings of thick clotted cream. However the chocolate spread was very thick, and difficult to spread, good job I loved the jam & cream really. ;-)

Next came the sweet treats, possibly my favourite bit. I always find this bit really interesting - tucking into the different treats and trying to work out the flavours. It's always a good idea to take a photograph on the menu, so that you can remind yourself & friends of whats on offer. Or perhaps the waiting staff should run you through the pastries. Here I'm pretty sure they did.

We had a lovely selection of:
Apple and Salted Caramel Macaron 
Seasame Seed Praline and Blood Orange Curd 
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Topping 
68% Nyangbo Chocolate Moose, Spiced Vanilla Cremeux 
Earl Grey Tea-Yuzu Religieuse

Overall I thought the food was very good, I especially enjoyed the sandwiches, it's not all that often you'll hear me say something like that. Not with my sweet tooth anyway. The service was very good, and we were not rushed at all. In fact we stayed for hours chattering away. I know this is not always possible (due to the nature of Afternoon Tea bookings), but it was nice not to be hurried out the door. Perhaps a later booking is better for this reason.

Afternoon Tea is served from 3pm - 5.30. It costs £34.00 (more if you'd like a glass of bubbles). Find out more at the Four Seasons website.


  1. This looks really good, thanks for putting the Four Seasons London on my radar! We visited the Four Seasons in Paris last month for Afternoon Tea and the normal afternoon tea was rather good. I was a little disappointed with the gluten free pastry selection as I thought they would have been a bit more creative but the macaroons where the best that I have ever tasted so I will let them off. So many afternoon teas to little time to try them all xx

  2. Ooh lovely I didn't realise I had! That's okay. :-) I loved your post, I read it on my way to work yesterday, but didn't get chance to comment. The macaroons do look amazing. Exactly, there's far too many to try! Xx


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