Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Why I love.. The Body Shop

I've noticed some bloggers doing 'hauls' lately, and I realised my latest online shopping purchase was effectively a haul. A lazy Sunday morning catching up with twitter, blogs and my emails turned into an online shopping spree. Thanks to an email from The Body Shop offering 40% off non sale products.

I  get so easily distracted when it comes to saving money, I sneak lots of extra items into my basket, and then look at the saving I'm making! Probably not such savvy shopping in the long run, did I need all of these products? (The answer is I will do)!

Well I do love a bargain. Who doesn't? And be prepared as I feel this blog post is full of bargains. The kind people at Voucher Cloud (@vouchercloud) have also made me aware of vouchers which you can use to save more money. Just follow this link

Here's what I got: 
  • Love Your Body Card (£2.50 usually £5) - which arrived a couple of weeks after my haul of goodies. The card is very useful for saving money on each purchase at the Body Shop (10% both in store and online). My current oneis due to run out at the end of April, so I purchased this new one.
  • Coconut Lip Gloss (£3.50 usually £7) - I've had the mango lip gloss for ages now, and it's very nearly finished. I also spotted the offer of 50% off Fruity lip gloss as Love Your Body Member  
  • Organic Cotton wool
    (£1.50 usually £3) - always necessary for cleansing and toning.
  • Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter 200ml (£4.80 usually £8) - A friend introduced me to this product when I asked her how her hair always looks so shiny. The hair butter moisturises the ends of my hair perfectly without making my hair greasy.
  • For Men Maca Root Shave Cream (£4.80 usually £8) - a little treat for the boy, I bought him this before and he really likes it.
  • Vitamin E Cool BB Cream (£6 usually £10)- I love this BB cream my current tube is nearly empty and I use it as a base most days.
  • Vitamin E Moisture Cream (£6 usually £10) - I suffer from very dry skin, so thought I'd give this moisturiser a go, as my current one isn't cruelty free.
  • Brush on Bronze (£8.40 usually £14) - Another make up purchase - I do love a bit of bronzer. I've had my current bronzing pearls from the body shop for ages(there's just a small amount left, and I know it's not great to hold onto make up for years). I also have the Brush on Radiance which is a pink toned blusher.
  • Cocomania Body Butter (free usually £5) - how can you refuse free things?! This 50ml Chocomania body butter was when you purchased a Love Your Body Card.
Free Standard delivery on all orders over £20, that saves £2.99(and takes up to 5 working days to arrive - not a problem for me). I believe Free Standard Delivery usually applies to orders over £30.

Overall my savings came to £31.49. I would have spent over £68.99, however all of this came to £37.50! - Told you I love a bargain. :-)

There's plenty of reasons why I love the Body Shop. The bargain factor is one of them, but  the prices are very reasonable to start with. The products are great - I've been buying lots of them for years. 

Most importantly The Body Shop has lots of values surrounding Ethical trading. In particular it is against animal testing, which I think is great. A lot of products we buy every day are not, so buying products from The Body Shop I feel I am doing my little bit to help. Not only this but it also protects the plan and supports community fair trade. And you can't say fairer than that! 

Thanks for reading.


  1. I love body shop hauls - I went a little crazy just after Christmas with all of the spiced stuff - vanilla, cinnamon, gingernut & cocoa bodywashes, scrubs - you name it it was ordered. I'm still smelling of baking a few months later...!

  2. Ooh me too, yes my problem is exactly that I get carried away just because there's a sale on. At least we'll be smelling lovely. Great to see you again at the weekend. I'm becoming rather a fan of the #LDNBloggersTea :-)


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