Monday, 21 April 2014

The Perfect Cuppa

Over the Easter Bank Holiday I visited the Hilton Green Park for Afternoon Tea. This was a birthday present from back in December. I was given a voucher via which offers lots of Afternoon Tea Experiences.

 I'm sure you'll have gathered by now I'm quite partial to Afternoon Tea, you can read more about that in my blog post 'I have a confession to make'.  However this post is going to take a slightly different look at the Afternoon Tea experience -  I'm going to be concentrating on the tea! Purely because sometimes I don't think I pay enough attention to the tea. 

At the Hilton Green Park we were greeted by leather box of little jars of Twinings Tea. We were encouraged to smell the teas and explore the jars in order to choose our favourite. I went for a 2nd Flush Assam, and the Boy the Traditional English. It was made very clear that we could have plenty of tea, and choose another sort later on in the afternoon, (very good)!

I loved seeing the teas displayed like this. There was also a good range of teas, including your traditional teas, herbal teas and decaffeinated too.

On the table was a timer, which was one of the first things I'd spotted when arriving at the table. The china was plain, and the table laid simply. But I knew I'd be in for a treat when I saw this Twinings timer ready to demonstrate to me when my tea was perfectly ready to make.


When our pots were brought to us the tea brewing process was explained, we simply would flick the lever to submerge the tea, and then turn over the timer to brew the tea for it's optimum amount of time.

I hadn't seen a teapot quite like this before, it actually reminded me of a coffee plunger a little. It's really good because it means you can remove your tea leaves once the time is up, which in turn means that you won't end up with over brewed tea when you drink your second cup.

Could this be the most perfectly brewed cup of tea? Okay well not ever because I'm sure there's a proper ritual to be performed by real tea experts. However I think this is the closest I've come to brewing a perfect cuppa!

It turns out I must of had 4 cups of tea in total! The pot contained at least 2 and then I chose to be replenished with a Blackcurrant & Lavender tea, which I just wanted to try because I am a little obsessed with lavender. When I looked at the box of teas I could see the lavender pieces amongst the blackcurrant, however I couldn't really taste the lavender within this tea.

Since the tea I've been reading up a little. The Twining's Tea website is a treasure trove of information, there's so much to explore and I have already learnt a lot.

It wouldn't be right not to include a photo of the Afternoon Tea so here it is. 

Thanks for reading.

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