Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Doddle Bar

I love the power of Twitter..  A quick flick through my timeline and I'll find a new coffee shop, bar or restaurant to discover, whether it's one that's just opening or one that I've just not heard of before. That's how I discovered  The Doodle Bar. I actually found it featured in the Chilli Sauce Experiences TOP 100 London Bars, which gives plenty of ideas of different bars to try across London.

The Doodle Bar is a little hidden away, based in a warehoused area set upon Ransomes Dock, a little inlet of water you wouldn't know even existed. It's just a few minutes walk from Battersea Park. There's a young vibe here, something a bit different. There's ping pong to play, beer to drink and walls to draw on, plus pop up food stalls serving a range of different street foods. 

 We visited on a Sunny Sunday afternoon. 'the beach' was open, (the brightly coloured green bit), okay so there's no sand but it's definitely a sun trap, and plenty of people were basking in the sun.

I drank Fentiman's Ginger Beer, as I was driving. Yes it was probably a silly idea to drive to a bar! If not there's no doubt I would have opted for the rather yummy, and slightly more expensively priced cocktails. Hey, I'm a cheap date on Ginger Beer! 

There's a definite beach vibe going on - I love the rustic tables and paper laterns strung across the back wall.

Meanwhile The Boy drank The Doodle Beer which I have to say tasted good. 

Do you live in South West London? Have you checked out the Doodle Bar yet?


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