Sunday, 30 March 2014


Sometimes all I like to do at the weekend is potter. It's probably a favourite word of mine, and something I feel I do well. Whether it's pottering at home, just pottering around the shops or a casual stroll pottering along the Thames, which is what we did today. 

I seem to be good at pottering at home, there's always something to tidy, organise, clean or sort. I work long hours so time to potter is quite minimal. However with the clocks changing this weekend I am looking forward to that feeling of having more time in the evenings. 

Today we went to Putney, and had a lovely Brunch at The Putney Canteen. I went for Eggs Florentine, not something I'd usually order, but I decided it would be a healthy(ish) option. With a large portion of spinach, good source of iron for us veggies, and I really should eat more eggs. Although perhaps with all that hollandaise sauce it wasn't quite so healthy. It's served on sourdough and also came with a hash brown  which I donated to the boy. I am trying to be good! And a random grilled tomato.
We then walked off our breakfast, by taking a stroll along the Thames. We saw the rowing teams preparing for next weekends big race. 
We then pottered around the shops. Where I found these jeans in Gap, in the 50% Edit! Yes, half price at £22.48. I do love a bargain, and these will be perfect for spring.

Next we came home, where I have spent the rest of the afternoon pottering also. Catching up with some blogging, reading some of my favourite blogs and just chilling on the sofa. I've also been leafing through my small collection of Travel magazines for some travel inspiration. I really fancy a weekend away somewhere, and there's a summer holiday to think about as well..

Hope you've had a lovely weekend too.


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