Sunday, 23 March 2014

I have a confession to make..

It's come to my attention that I'm slipping into habit.. Not an awful one at all. One that includes dainty chinaware, beautiful cakes & patisseries and of course scones, (hopefully warm) and smothered with jam & cream. So I guess it is a little bit naughty and most definitely a treat. You've guessed it - it's taking Afternoon Tea.

 It appears to be happening monthly at the moment. And it's not solely my fault... Back in December I celebrated my birthday and was given 2 Afternoon Tea experiences The boy treated me to Afternoon Tea at the Connaught, which you can read about here. And then I was given a voucher for tea at the Hilton London Green Park. Okay, okay so people know me (far) too well. And I shan't be complaining! 
Afternoon Tea at The Connaught
So then January came and I part organised an Afternoon tea for a friends 30th, we had a lovely afternoon. However I wasn't quite so blown away about it as I thought I would be. To the point where I've had the draft blogpost sat there waiting to be published, unsure of whether or not to post it. 

*Update* Anyway, I've finally posting said draft post and here it is: The Dorchester.
The sweet treats at The Dorchester
Soon enough we found ourselves in February. I pondered about the next one as it meant going for tea all by myself, but I'm so glad I did it. On Sunday 16th I attended my very first bloggers event #LDNBloggersTea at the Royal Horseguards Hotel. You can read about that wonderful afternoon right here. I don't know why I pondered because I wasn't alone, I was with 19 other bloggers who were ever so welcoming and the afternoon just flew - we had so much in common therefore lots to talk about!

Afternoon Tea at The Royal Horseguards Hotel
In March I visited the Four Seasons Hotel, Park Lane to celebrate a friends birthday.
 Read more here.
Afternoon Tea at The Four Seasons

In April I enjoyed Afternoon Tea at the Hilton London Green Park.
You can read about my visit here
Brewing the perfect cuppa at the Hilton Green Park
In May I attended my second #LDNBloggersTea - wich was held at the Milestone Hotel, Kensington. You can read more about this visit here.

Afternoon Tea at The Milestone Hotel
June.. July.. 
(Well I just need to get planning don't I)?!


  1. It was so lovely to meet you at the tea! I like your idea of making it a monthly treat. See you in May!!

    1. Oh yes Selena, definitely. See you soon!


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