Saturday, 31 August 2013

The Day I Went to a Lavender Field

I hate to be a copy cat, as I have seen some lovely posts about Lavender Farms, but this is one I had to share.

Mayfield Lavender is 'less than 15 miles from Central London' which makes it an attraction in itself, however it's not heaving with people, which makes it even more appealing. You feel like your in the middle of the countryside, not that close to London. 

 I love lavender, but the boy can't stand it! *bang goes the idea of wedding photos in a Lavender Field!!!* So sensibly I didn't drag him around the 25-acre lavender farm. Instead I went with a close friend who I knew would appreciate the lavender as much as myself. 
What a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon - wandering through rows and rows of lavender, taking pictures and admiring the many bees. Whats more entry is free. 

There is a lovely little gift-shop selling lavender (of course) wreathes, oils and lots of other gifts. I found it very well priced and bought some lavender biscuits, a small bunch of lavender, some Traditional Still Lavender Lemonade (which I'm yet to try), and a bag of lavender for my drawers! (All coming in at less than £8).

I've not tried lavender biscuits before and they were really good, we enjoyed them at home with a lovely cup of tea. 


We visited over the August Bank Holiday, and there was still plenty of lavender to be seen. Next year I'm determined to visit earlier on in the season as well, as some of the photos from the website look incredible. 


I'd definitely recommend a visit to Mayfield, you can capture some really lovely photographs  and it's a different idea for a day out.

Find out more: 
and be sure to check out the photo competitions page for some amazing photos.

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  1. Ooh I want to visit! Beautiful :) x

  2. Oh my I've heard so much about this place! I'm absolutely desperate to go! All the lavender treats sound wonderful :) x

    Danielle x

    The Cocktail Composition

  3. Thanks for commenting, comments make me very happy. :-) You should definitely visit next year. It's just beautiful! X


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