Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The indecisive one.

How can it be so hard to make a decision.. I'm awful at decision making. I ponder over things far too much. In fact I've spent about the past 2 weeks looking for a holiday. After searching and searching, i just got fed up and time is ticking this idea of a 'late deal' is fast becoming a 'very late deal'. I didn't want to risk the 'it's gone and your too late deal'.  I've been reading up on resorts and trawling through TripAdvisor. And we've finally booked a week in Marrakech. 

But I'll still have decisions to make.. Can I wear the summer items that lurk in the back of the wardrobe for another holiday? (These items have actually seen the light of day recently with the actual real English summer we've been having). Or do I need to go shopping for some new holiday gear? Once again this will provoke more indecisiveness. 

Which books should I take? I've considered buying a kindle but I have a real thing for there being books on my bookshelf. Although when reading at the poolside my books often become very weathered very quickly. Maybe a kindle is a good idea. What do you think? Have you faced this very dilemma? In fact.. Any book recommendations would be lovely too. 

I usually hear myself saying *what I wrong with you?* when I'm being so indecisive but other times I'm great I use my initiative and get on and make the decision. Here's to being more decisive!


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