Monday, 29 July 2013

Monday is Graze delivery day. 

After finding a voucher for my first Graze box for free, I signed up for a weekly box. I'd tried some amazing infused berries/raisins from a friends graze box before but never really thought about joining Graze myself.
It's the perfect pick me up, a small amount of (usually) something healthy. I'm finding new things that I like that I probably wouldn't of tried before. As a vegetarian my diet should probably contain a lot more nuts and seeds than it currently does. So I feel that the Graze box is giving me the opportunity to involve these in my diet.

Each box comes with a leaflet and you can see exactly what is in each snack box, how many calories it contains along with the health advantages to that particular snack. This is guilt free snacking at it's finest.

Guilt free Afternoon Tea (a personal favourite of mine)! 
I've also really enjoyed the popcorn, olives, vanilla seed selection, chilli and lime pistachios and the Korean chilli rice crackers.

I've also just ordered a 'kids goody box' and put myself on the waiting list for a 'breakfast graze box' too. 

You can rate and slate your delivery meaning if you've received a snack you don't like you can bin it, and choose ones you wish to try soon. It may not be the cheapest snacking option out there, (£3.89 per box) but it's certainly the most exciting. 

Plus Graze is doing it's bit for charity via the 'school of farming' based in Africa, and the packaging is made from recycled materials and both the boxes and plastic punnets are recyclable too.

In fact your graze box can be 'up-cycled' and made into a photo frame/memory box, and you can plant seeds in the punnets and grow some herbs. (I've seen these ideas via the graze website & twitter, and just had to try them with the children I look after).

Left:- 'Upcycling' a graze box

Right:- Growing herbs in your graze box. Picture from

Here's the code for you to enjoy:


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