Saturday, 15 June 2013

Lola's Cupcakes

A few weekends ago, (okay so it's probably about a month ago now) I embarked on a fabulous London weekend.. With friends visiting, we wanted to do as much a sanely possible. And so I made my first visit to Lola's at Selfridges with 2 friends.

You'll find Lola's Kitchen located within the food hall. With lots of lovely cupcakes displayed in a large glass counter you'll be spoilt for choice, like I was. I went for the black forest cupcake which wasn't quite as I'd expected. There were no juicy cherries in the cake, which I was hoping 
Between us we also had the carrot cake and raspberry which I'm assured were lovely.

I eager bought a fourth cupcake to share/ home, it was chilli chocolate. I thought it sounded interesting & wanted to try it but I just didn't get round to it! :-( 
Raspberry cupcake
Carrot cupcake.. yes you heard me right. Carrot! - wow!
My blackforest cupcake

Lola's is a great little find, we had to wait a while to get a seat, but this is always the case with popular little cake places! The cupcakes were very good, and there was so much choice, (not sure if this was a good thing or not - I'm far too indecisive)! I could have tried them all! Actually they do miniatures to so thats a great idea for next time, lots and lots of little cupcakes to share with friends.

The only disappointing part of this visit would probably the atmosphere at times it felt like musical chairs, as people lingered for seats. Also the hot drinks are served in takeaway cups, and the plates are paper. 

That said the cupcakes are lovely - and you'll find some different varieties here. So a visit will be worth it's while.



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